Through the digitalization of their support process, Doro optimizes customer support services for their easy-to-use mobile phones.


Doro needed a dynamic and innovative solution that could be used both for customer support, and be embedded into the customized technologies such as smartphones. Key challenges included:

  • Making technology accessible to seniors to live independent, fulfilling lives
  • Managing high customer support call volume of around 12,000 calls each month
  • Supporting senior customers through technological challenges in a remote setup


Doro smartphones have TeamViewer pre-installed, which allows authorized users to see the smartphone‘s screen content on the computer screen and control the device remotely. This allows Doro technicians or family to remotely set up the device and adjust settings from the PC if needed.


Customers are much happier when ending interactions with Doro support staff

40% reduction in time spent per support case on average

80% of support calls are resolved at first contact

Pierre Nilsson Service Delivery Manager at Doro

“With TeamViewer, we were able to drastically reduce the time spent per support case. At the same time, our customers feel much better served and supported with the fast support. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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