Kemper GmbH is one of the technological leaders for welding fume extraction units and filter systems within the metal processing industry. Their installations are used around the globe freeing the air from health damaging welding fume and the particulate matter that comes with it. In case of a disturbance with the extraction systems, any work needs to be put on halt, so the employees on-site are protected, causing high outage costs for the companies. Through efficient and sustainable service Kemper minimizes these downtimes. Simultaneously, they are aiming to ensure high employee satisfaction through an improved work-life-balance.


In case any installed extraction systems fail, and the raised ticket exceeds the possibilities of a conventional support via telephone, a Kemper mechanic needs to travel to the customer’s facility. Despite the proximity to the customer due to the worldwide Kemper locations, high personnel and travel costs are caused by service calls. Also, qualified personnel is not always available and because of restrictions during the corona pandemic, on-field service deployments became impossible. This resulted in longer downtimes of the customers’ smoke extraction systems.


Kemper has opted for the use of remote support for direct communication in customer service, to offer on-site service without physical presence.

Via express delivery the customer receives smart glasses, already equipped with TeamViewer’s Remote Assistance solution. The package also includes a mobile hotspot, so the glasses are ready for use upon delivery. A Kemper expert connects via video call with the customer’s employee wearing the smart glasses and guides them through the maintenance process.

This does not only shorten any equipment downtimes significantly, but Kemper is also able to maintain customer proximity albeit being geographically distant. In addition to direct problem solving, remote support also helps with pre-assessment for more complex operations, simplifying effort and material requirement estimates.


Sustainable service

Faster and more efficient maintenance

Increased employee satisfaction

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