Helmet detection with AiStudio

Combine the power of AI and AR to augment your frontline workforce

Adding AiStudio to your Frontline AR solution gives you the possibility to design your own AI-powered industrial processes – all with no code. Improve workplace safety, increase shopfloor efficiency, and bullet-proof your quality assurance.

Enhanced security

Make your processes even more secure

  • Increase process and product quality thanks to integrated verification of steps and tools
  • Improve workplace safety with automatic recognition of warning signs and automated equipment checks
  • Ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies

Save time and money

  • Use image-based verifications to help your employees get the job done right
  • Enhance your shopfloor productivity with automated confirmations
  • AiStudio can be deployed instantly and integrates fully with your Frontline platform so you can enjoy fast time-to-value

Training & knowledge-sharing

Close the skill gap

  • Workers can collect data on-the-job through seamless data capture via wearables
  • Improve training efficiency with clear guidance via AR and dynamic feedback via AI
  • Efficiently scale AI capabilities to new use cases thanks to simple configuration
  • Avoid resource-intensive onboardings and knowledge loss

Some of the ways your workplace can benefit from AiStudio

  • Workplace safety checks – Automatically check workplace safety measures, for instance whether workers are wearing the right protective gear, e.g., hard hats
  • Worker guidance – Make sure your employees are using the correct tools and help them with contextual information
  • Compliance checks – Ensure that procedures are carried out in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Process verification – Automate verification steps where other methods such as scanning are not feasible
  • Quality assurance – Classify if a process step results in the desired outcome

First steps with AR

Confirm helmet

Add a conditional step at the beginning of a task to ensure that a worker is wearing the required safety equipment. Fully integrated into the workflow, this step will barely take up any time but will increase compliance with security policies immensely.

Detect warning signs

Frontline workers often overlook hazard warnings due to ’inattentional blindness’. Our xAssist remote support solution includes an AI feature that will show what a safety icon means right in the technician’s field view. It also records the recognized signs in a call log for full transparency.

NSF International NSF is an independent, global organization that facilitates standards development to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment.

“With TeamViewer’s latest AI capabilities in the Frontline platform, we are raising the bar for our customers once more, collaboratively deploying innovative technology to improve and strengthen the global food industry.”

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