When activating two-factor authentication for your TeamViewer Account, you get an individual recovery code.

Store the recovery code in a safe place.

If you lose access to your mobile device or to the authenticator app on your device, the recovery code is your last resort to deactivate two-factor authentication.

Do not send the recovery code unencrypted via email since this could give an unauthorized user access to it. After deactivating two-factor authentication with the recovery code, you can always reactivate two-factor authentication for your user.


  • Keep the recovery code in a safe place. The two-factor authentication can not be deactivated by TeamViewer. If you lose your recovery key, you will also lose access to all TeamViewer features where your account is needed.
  • Print more than one copy of your recovery code when setting up your two-factor authentication in case a copy gets lost or gets destroyed.

View recovery code

The TeamViewer Management Console manages the recovery code. You need your TeamViewer Account credentials to access the Management Console.

Example Recovery Code

  1. To log in to the Management Console, open https://login.teamviewer.com/ and use your TeamViewer account credentials.
  2. From the top menu click your user name ➜ Edit profile.
  3. The dialog Profile Settings opens.
  4. Click General ➜ View Recovery Code.