TeamViewer & IBM Maximo

Remote connectivity for all your IBM Maximo assets

TeamViewer IoT seamlessly integrates with IBM Maximo, enabling you to remotely support and maintain both traditional Maximo-managed IT assets as well as Internet of Things (IoT) assets – from anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate the need for on-site operators, significantly improve your asset availability, and reduce costs with centralized remote asset management.

  • Improve production time and uptime by resolving technical issues faster
  • Increase workforce effectiveness for remote maintenance and support
  • Reduce repair costs by handling routine maintenance remotely

Already have an IBM Maximo system integrator? Simply reach out to them to get your customized TeamViewer integration.

IBM Maximo integration highlights

  • Connect and remotely troubleshoot a Maximo-managed endpoint device/asset.
  • Fix issues in real time as if you were there in front of the device.
  • Visualize sensor data in real time and proactively react to any anomalies.
  • Use an existing web interface running on the endpoint.
  • Access the remote terminal for complete command line level control.

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