TeamViewer & ServiceDesk Plus by ManageEngine

Extend the capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus with TeamViewer remote control and augmented reality support

The increasing complexity of providing technical support for internal employees and external customers has posed a tremendous challenge to IT and customer support departments globally. IT leaders expect this trend to continue as the number and diversity of connected devices is estimated to double in the coming decade. Customers demand high-quality customer support, which has become as important as the product itself when doing business.

That’s why TeamViewer partnered with ManageEngine to integrate TeamViewer remote access, remote control, and augmented reality (AR) remote support seamlessly into the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus.

The TeamViewer integration with ServiceDesk Plus by ManageEngine empowers IT administrators and customer support specialists to remotely and securely access and control corporate devices, provide IT services to internal employees, and troubleshoot technical issues for external customers — all from the ServiceDesk Plus platform.

The benefits speaks for themselves

  • Support representatives remotely connect to employee devices from within the ServiceDesk Plus ticket to diagnose and resolve software issues faster
  • Administrators create session requests and invite users directly from the ticket or any other screen through automated email
  • Extend the capabilities of your internal IT department by enabling them to connect to company resources directly from ServiceDesk Plus

TeamViewer & ManageEngine integration highlights

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