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Defend, detect, deploy: A live journey through EDR’s power against ransomware

Join us for an insightful webinar to discover how TeamViewer’s Endpoint Detection and Response from ThreatDown (powered by Malwarebytes) offers a solution to evolving cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks.

All you need to know

Title: Defend, detect, deploy: A live journey through EDR’s power against ransomware
Duration: 45 minutes
Availability: On demand

In today’s complex business environment, ransomware attacks are continuously on the rise, targeting businesses of all sizes. The landscape of IT challenges is also constantly evolving as cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their techniques.

In this webinar, Eddie Phillips from our partner ThreatDown will share hands-on examples why businesses like yours are prime targets for ransomware attacks. Understanding the motivations behind these attacks is critical to supporting your defenses and understanding how Endpoint Detection and Response solutions can proactively investigate, detect, and track threat activity.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the growing threat of ransomware in an interconnected digital world, and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.
  • How to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and how to implement robust defenses for boosted cybersecurity.
  • How Endpoint Detection and Response targets, isolates, and eliminates future risks and threats – including ransomware attacks.
  • How to deploy, configure, and respond to attacks in demonstrations of our features.
  • About the latest evolution of IT challenges.

About the speakers

Eddie Phillips

Sr. Manager, Global Channel Sales at ThreatDown

Eddie has a diverse 28+ year background in Information Technology as a network engineer, security analyst, and MSP owner. Eddie also has some unconventional risk management experience as he spent 12 years as a semi-professional rodeo bullfighter, seriously.


Eddie has a vision to lift organizations out of the mire of cybersecurity overload and raise the bar on what it means to be cyber-secure with the goal of forming a cohesive stance against cybercrime. He’s thrilled to work toward that vision with ThreatDown!

Fran Bourke

Sales Engineer for EMEA MSP at ThreatDown

Fran Bourke is a Sales Engineer for the EMEA MSP team at ThreatDown with just under 10 years’ experience in Cyber security within the MSP market. Before moving to a Sales Engineer team in 2019, Fran was a Threat Research Analyst responsible for making determinations, testing malware and being an overall cyber security expert.


He also travelled to EMEA attending and speaking at many events. In 2020 Fran achieved a Professional Diploma in Cyber Security at Dublin Business School.

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