CNES partnered with TeamViewer to work on Project ECHO. It is part of a six-month mission to maintain a weightless research laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS) and run scientific experiments for hundreds of researchers on Earth. Its aim is to advance our knowledge of the human body, physics, and biology, and the effects of space travel on the health of astronauts working aboard the ISS.


  • Device tele-operation from Earth
  • Picture quality important for medical research
  • Specific network and data restrictions


TeamViewer worked alongside CNES to design a private link that allowed space and ground researchers to interact in ways that were never previously possible, revolutionizing our understanding of the impact of space travel on humans.

With the excellent quality of the transmitted images and the instant response of the probe, the medical personnel were able to provide precise medical diagnoses, which identified a major change in the blood vessels that appeared after six months in microgravity.

Dr. Philipe Arbeille Professor of Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Tours

“You can give priority to the image quality or to the speed of the image, and it’s very convenient, for the doctor, it’s really easy to use.”

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