17 сент. 2019 г.

TeamViewer Launches Pilot 2.0 Augmented Reality Tech, with Support for RealWear Wearable Headsets, Vuzix and Epson Smartglasses

Goppingen, September 17, 2019 – TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, announced integration of TeamViewer Pilot with RealWear Wearable Headsets, Vuzix and Epson smartglasses, in addition to previously announced integration with iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. TeamViewer Pilot expands the power of remote assistance software beyond IT support into the real world through augmented reality (AR) and enables experts to remotely guide users through complex operations via live camera-sharing, voice and on-screen annotations. Organizations will benefit with faster problem resolution, reduced downtime and travel costs and improved oversight promoting safer work environments.

“Industrial enterprises or any organization with large customer or field services teams are challenged to have the right person onsite to solve immediate problems,” says Gautam Goswami, TeamViewer’s CMO and Head of Products. “With TeamViewer Pilot, your expert can be virtually onsite from anywhere in the world. Now we are adding headset and smartglasses support, so that field workers and service technicians working on complex service, repair or operational problems can be assisted visually by remote experts while still having both their hands free to execute guided instructions and resolve issues more quickly – thus greatly improving productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Experts in centralized support organizations can use a computer or smart mobile device to virtually be transported to the field and see what field workers are seeing through headsets and smartglasses in real time. They can then make AR annotations with guiding arrows, free-hand drawing, sequence guidance and more, right on top of objects in the field of view of the onsite worker. TeamViewer Pilot technology allows companies to create a ‘shared central intelligence’ framework reducing work disruptions caused by the shortage of a skilled workforce. This will also help in the transfer of knowledge and creating visual help documentation from retiring generations. Evolving market demands and technologies are driving the need for reinvention and process optimization which TeamViewer Pilot accelerates and enables. With real-time support, a technician can complete a task faster, whether on a remote electricity utility pole or tethered atop a wind turbine, cutting down on machine downtime and improving incident response time. Visual guidance is especially valuable when the problem is too difficult to explain or when audio instructions are hard to hear. Many companies with large field services or manufacturing teams have standardized on headsets and smartglasses for maintenance, repair and on-the-job training. Now with TeamViewer Pilot, experts can be available from anywhere to guide and educate field employees when issues come up. Experts can connect and collaborate in seconds, no matter where the field employee is located – either through headsets and smartglasses, or just by using a handheld smartphone or tablet.

Other new features include:
Expert-initiated Android device support – Experts can now also initiate support sessions from their Android-based mobile devices for cross-platform mobile-to-mobile functionality. Experts are now fully flexible to support their users and clients from their Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices running TeamViewer. In the field, individuals just need Teamviewer Pilot running on their headsets, smartglasses, smartphone or tablet.

Best in class video quality – TeamViewer Pilot now has higher frame rates, as well as image quality improvements for both streaming video and paused images. These improvements can be realized with much less bandwidth than previously required.

TeamViewer’s connectivity platform enables customers and users to unlock significant economic value as it allows them to develop new business models, increase process efficiency, reduce or replace on-site presence and manual intervention, improve product and service quality and promote connectivity and collaboration. More information about TeamViewer Pilot can be found here.