16 сент. 2020 г.

Jon Rettinger called TeamViewer Pilot the “Best Life Hack App” and here’s why

  • Empower frontline workers
  • Tech journalist Jon Rettinger recently took TeamViewer Pilot for a spin. See why he came away calling it “the best life hack app”.

    Jon Rettinger makes videos about tech for the home and family. With more than 2.5 million followers on YouTube, his channel is geared toward those people who find themselves the unofficial tech support of their family and friends. So, when he reviewed TeamViewer Pilot and called it “AR magic and wizardry” and “the best life hack,” it showed that Pilot is a tool for everyone.

    In his YouTube video review, “The best life hack app!,” Rettinger shares what happened when he used TeamViewer Pilot in a use case we’ve all had at one time or another: helping someone install complicated equipment remotely, in this case a new thermostat for his office.

    Instead of multiple phone calls and the frustration of misunderstood directions, a complete novice was able to accomplish the job in a matter of minutes.

    The review shows that not only is Pilot a powerful support tool, but it can be used by anyone that finds themselves in the situation of helping someone remotely. For more about TeamViewer Pilot’s other new features, like file transfer and OCR text recognition, check out the video for yourself.

    See TeamViewer Pilot for yourself, including demos and a free trial.