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Time-saving remote solutions for healthcare providers

Nothing should be taken for granted on quality of care, the safety of patients, and the dedicated nature of the healthcare industry: something that’s hardwired into TeamViewer’s remote connectivity and access services for healthcare providers.

Remote connectivity for medicine and healthcare

TeamViewer supports medical technology providers digitalizing the healthcare sector

We safeguard patient data and support healthcare professionals in every way

  • Securing authorized access only

    With TeamViewer’s conditional access and managed devices, healthcare services can protect confidential data and limit patient data to only those who are authorized.

  • Monitoring sensitive data

    To meet the demands of ultra-secure connections and data protection, TeamViewer’s comprehensive event logging tracks all changes within healthcare systems, providing insight into any new connections.

  • Accessing sterile environments

    Easy access with a single click ensures that all healthcare professionals can access all private and sterile locations. TeamViewer supports more operating systems than other solutions.

  • Supporting healthcare employee training

    Provide easy-to-follow, interactive visual guidance on smart glasses or mobile devices with AR solutions from TeamViewer. The result is a seamless onboarding and training process for new employees.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Provide instant and personalized technical IT support
  • Simple to use and roll out, with unattended access
  • Protect patient data from unauthorized users
  • Streamline and accelerate employee training, while alleviating workloads
  • Ensure information governance across institutions

With its adaptability, TeamViewer empowers medical institutions to foster optimal patient care and healthcare access.

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Securing authorized access only

In healthcare services, thousands of professionals as well as IT support staff will require access to different levels of data and patient records. How do you limit and protect the confidentiality of patient data to only those who are authorized?

TeamViewer’s features of conditional access and managed devices allow IT technicians to control connections through a router, where firewall communications can be limited to one IP address while maintaining connectivity. This enables a closed infrastructure similar to an on-prem or offline solution still facilitating remote connections exclusively through the routers. Elevated levels of regulation and customization at the router, where technicians and IT support staff can set authority levels for connections, time restrictions, and role-based access controls, ensure that only those authorized have access.

Additionally, conditional access can restrict incoming connections from other licences, providers, or suppliers. This allows medical professionals to receive support while having full control over every instance of their system.

Monitoring the protection of data

The highest possible standards of security must be maintained at all times. In the context of remote healthcare, this demands measures such as ultra-secure connections and effective encryption of data in transit. TeamViewer offers comprehensive event logging and auditing capabilities that track all system activities. Event logs provide a breakdown of every change made in the management console and all new connections from set-up – supplying full visibility of actions to healthcare services’ IT support. This can be supported by video recording on the end device.

External providers or suppliers are also subject to event logging and auditing when connecting to company-managed devices. The healthcare system can integrate with existing SIEM solutions through API, and automate performance or system reports.

Tackling concerns about remote access

TeamViewer’s single sign-on (SSO) feature tackles the challenge of healthcare staff accessing work systems and files from home, as it automates the addition, removal, and authentication of users. SSO can also manage access configurations such as device and network restrictions, to ensure healthcare professionals cannot access private data from any unauthorized systems or networks such as from home or abroad on holiday.

The combination of SSO and conditional access ensures that access to systems and rules applied are automated.

Accessing sterile environments and ease of use

In healthcare institutions, there are an array of private and sterile environments that need to be accessed. With TeamViewer this is possible as the system provides easy access with a single click. 

TeamViewer also offers the highest cross-platform connectivity on the market, supporting more operating systems compared to any other solution, including mobile devices. Embedded devices are also supported, allowing users to connect their headless systems or unique operating systems (OS) using the same security and functionality.

Information governance in remote healthcare

For medical establishments, adherence to clear information governance principles is paramount. This includes rules connected to what data is collected, for what purposes, how it is secured, and who has access to it. 

TeamViewer supports remote healthcare initiatives through the different available features. Extra care must be taken to ensure adherence to these principles, including ensuring that any data generated is created, stored, transferred, protected, and disposed of in line with your institution's policies.

Supporting healthcare employee training

TeamViewer allows you to digitalize training modules for critical processes – such as equipment handling, hospital admission and discharge procedures, as well as patient transfers – with step-by-step visual instructions shown on smart glasses or mobile devices for a more hands-on learning experience, without requiring additional training personnel. This includes multimedia content to explain complex procedures.

Interactive, easy-to-follow visual guidance on smart glasses or mobile devices accelerates new employee onboarding and offers continuous on-the-job training. Healthcare professionals can verify and track training module completion with automatic reports for compliance and accurate record-keeping.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Greater convenience for healthcare professionals, and more efficient use of clinical time, along with ease of access for patients — these are just some of the benefits of TeamViewer’s solutions for the healthcare industry.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

TeamViewer for the healthcare industry: For outstanding healthcare, distance is no object

Enabling you to connect to any device, any time, any place, TeamViewer Remote equips you for efficient delivery of services and enhanced patient experiences.

TeamViewer Remote

Accessing patient records

No matter where they are based, clinicians can use TeamViewer to access records databases, patient management systems, and all other key applications and files, 24/7 from any authorized device. Primary care providers, support staff, and other team members can connect and collaborate, and sensitive data can be transmitted to and from employees securely. 

TeamViewer also lets you connect to, control, and interact with any device in an instant. With this capability, you can share your screen – or access patients’ screens on demand, deliver advice via video and record consultation sessions for future review.

TeamViewer Remote

Analysing clinical data with unattended access

TeamViewer Remote supports unattended access, i.e. allowing you to access servers, diagnostic solutions, and patient monitoring devices, even if that device is in hibernate mode. The solution enables you to access such devices without requiring any action on the part of a remote endpoint user. View monitoring data, test results and other clinical information in any location, from any device.

TeamViewer Tensor

IT support for practitioners and patients

Digital diagnostics and record-keeping can result in a huge boost to efficiency and productivity. The flipside is that tech defects, system errors, and software queries can easily bring the delivery of care to a standstill. With TeamViewer, IT support staff can securely connect to practitioner or patient devices from any location, see what the problem is for themselves, and provide effective support in an instant. 

Discover how TeamViewer Tensor enables you to access, manage, and support devices and systems at scale as a managed service provider (MSP) for all users.

Particularly in the case of specialist technical applications, TeamViewer can support wider use of remote study and teaching while reducing the need to purchase additional software licenses.

TeamViewer Tensor

Supporting a distributed workforce

Your end goal should be an agile, productive workforce that’s fully equipped to deliver the best possible patient outcomes. Discover how TeamViewer empowers your team to work in-clinic, remotely, or on the move – securely.

Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

TeamViewer Frontline: Bringing technical onboarding into the future

Discover how Frontline accelerates onboarding, training, and daily processes by using step-by-step visual instructions and multimedia content to guide healthcare personnel through easy-to-follow workflows.

Enhanced by augmented reality on smart glasses or mobile devices for more comprehensive, interactive, on-the-job learning experiences.

Provide a better employee experience with fully digitalized augmented reality workflows, automated documentation processes, and real-time see-what-I-see remote assistance calls.

Get support for troubleshooting medical equipment and other hospital machines by adding augmented reality 3D annotations, drawings, and text notes to live-streaming augmented reality assistance calls, and share files to resolve issues from anywhere, anytime.

Complete time-consuming inspection, service, and maintenance of specialist equipment faster with TeamViewer’s very own ‘inspect-by-vision’ tool.


Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?


At TeamViewer, protecting sensitive data and user privacy is our top priority. Industry-leading encryption (4096-bit RSA key encryption and 256-bit AES session encryption) keeps your data safe from interception during remote access sessions. Conditional access firewalls give you granular control over who can access what. The solution also offers two-factor authentication for connections to secure devices.


Staff and patients can use TeamViewer to connect from any device to any device or operating system including any Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. For consultations, device troubleshooting, and remote work, TeamViewer is the only remote access solution you need.


A simple set-up process means staff can connect with patients – and vice-versa – in just a few clicks. Our compression capabilities ensure secure and rapid file transfer, even for large files. High transmission speeds and image quality ensure the type of high-quality user experience you need to support clinical use cases. Even in environments with low internet bandwidth, TeamViewer Remote delivers stable connections and the best possible transmission quality.