Mar 20, 2019

TeamViewer 14, TeamViewer Pilot, and TeamViewer Tensor Get Substantial Spring Feature Updates

Goppingen, March 20th, 2019– TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, has announced significant new updates improving augmented reality annotations, usability and automation features and introducing conditional access to TeamViewer Tensor for enterprise customers.

“With the latest update to Pilot, TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution, users are able to help each other in the real world like never before,” says Dr. Mike Eissele, CTO at TeamViewer. “Furthermore, Tensor’s new, highly requested conditional access feature helps IT administrators of large enterprises apply, distribute, and enforce access policies – giving them full control over the use of TeamViewer in their corporate network. TeamViewer is committed to addressing the needs of private users and businesses of all sizes, thereby making the lives of IT managers easier by saving them clicks, time, and money across our solution portfolio.”

TeamViewer Pilot: Putting augmented reality at your fingertips
Free hand drawing and improved streaming performance & usability

TeamViewer Pilot expands the power of remote assistance software beyond IT support into the real world through augmented reality and enables experts to remotely guide users through complex operations via live camera-sharing, voice and on-screen annotations.

Version 1.1 of TeamViewer Pilot includes the following improvements:

  • Improved usability and built-in tutorials teaching users how to use the app, including placing and removing arrows.
  • It is now possible to free-hand draw on the screen of a mobile device, giving users and experts yet another visual format to highlight specific areas and communicate instructions.
  • Video streaming performance has been improved as well, especially in low bandwidth scenarios.
  • Simplified user-based license options that can be bought and used alongside TeamViewer subscriptions.

TeamViewer Tensor: Empowering a secure workspace for enterprises
Central management and complete control over remote connections

TeamViewer Tensor is a SaaS, cloud-based enterprise connectivity platform that can be deployed quickly and easily across large-scale IT infrastructures. Tensor scales linearly to meet the needs of large enterprises, providing industry-leading connectivity and real-time support tools without requiring costly hardware investments.

With Tensor’s Conditional Access, enterprise IT and security managers can now centrally manage all TeamViewer usage within their corporate network:

  • Within the Tensor Management Console, IT managers can leverage conditional access to ensure that all remote connections can be centrally managed and fully controlled.
  • IT administrators can define and modify rules to allow or deny access to TeamViewer Tensor from anywhere, at anytime – whether onsite or from remote locations.
  • Conditional Access aligns more closely with corporate security best-practices by enforcing access rights across the entire corporate network. IT organizations can feel more confident that security risks are minimized, and policies are consistently enforced.

TeamViewer 14.2: Helping IT administrators meet daily challenges
Scripting improvements, trust management for browsers and improved user experience

Speed and accuracy are essential for IT support staff, whether they’re performing routine processes or responding to emergency situations. TeamViewer 14.2 includes several new features to make their lives easier:

  • Scripting improvements: With TeamViewer 14.2, it is now possible to execute scripts on Linux remote machines and a new-and-improved access control for scripts allows for easy acknowledgement or denial of script execution for incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Trust management for browsers: In addition to trusted devices, browsers can now also be managed within the TeamViewer Management Console.
  • Improved user experience: Users now receive a message when a connection is lost.

In addition to the above updates, all TeamViewer solutions now support an additional communication mode to significantly improve network performance within IPv6 only network setups.

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