Provide QuickSupport to Farmers in the Field and Save the Season

October 14, 2015
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The TeamViewer QuickSupport App allows supporters to provide real-time remote support to famers in the tractor cab.

The internet of things stops at nothing, but rather finds its way into all private and business sectors one after another.

Agriculture is no exception from this rule. In fact, there is lots of optimization that IoT devices can help farmers with.

The Trimble TMX-2050 display is such a device, which allows farmers to use a variety of Android-based applications designed for their business’ optimization from within their tractor’s cabinet.

It can be used, e.g., for fleet, irrigation and weather monitoring, planting assistance and productivity optimization among others.

However, where there’s technology, there can also be downtime. For farmers, that often meant long waiting times for a technician to visit the farm, and time is a scarce good in agriculture.

Now, there is a way to solve these issues that is so much easier and saves everyone involved lots of time: The TeamViewer QuickSupport App is available for the TMX-2050 since October of 2015.

Owners can quickly connect with their Trimble reseller and receive real-time remote support without having to wait for a technician to visit the farm.

No Field Trip Necessary

The TeamViewer QuickSupport app for the TMX-2050 facilitates the troubleshooting experience for both the farmer and the support staff trough secure 256 Bit AES end-to-end encryption.

Trimble reseller support personnel can access the device remotely from their office, enabling them to see exactly what the machine operator is seeing.

Therefore, there’s no need for long-winded explanations, but farmers can simply share their screen and receive immediate troubleshooting resolution for machine guidance, steering or GNSS-related issues.

An enhanced dashboard to show support teams important metrics for the TMX-2050 device, including relevant firmware versions, usage information and network settings can enable technicians to better diagnose the issue so they can get the grower up and running faster.

As it’s pretty often the case, tractors and machines can make for a loud environment. The support session partners, though, have the option to communicate via the TeamViewer Chat, if they prefer.

Additionally, files such as screen snaps or log files can be transferred between the TMX-2050 user and support personnel to more clearly communicate the issues the machine operator is experiencing.

Remotely Supported Things 

The ability to remotely support IoT devices is sure to only get more important in the future.

With an ever-growing number of them spread all over the world, it will simply be neither efficient enough nor even possible for technicians to provide their support in physical presence.

Farms and rural areas in general are a great example for that.

A software error can ruin a whole work day, if it takes the nearest supporter a couple of hours to drive to the client. And there’s still an element of risk remaining, namely, that they can’t fix the problem, e.g. because it was misinterpreted as a software error, but actually is a hardware issue.

Remote support can substitute unnecessary work and downtime such as this with fast diagnoses and troubleshooting from anywhere in the world and in the blink of an eye.

That’s why remote support and IoT will be even more inseparable in the future than they are today.

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