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Strengthening Security Foundations: The Role of Enhanced Access and Control

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Title: Strengthening Security Foundations: The Role of Enhanced Access and Control
Duration: 30 minutes
Availability: On Demand

Availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Staying on top of all three is critical, especially in today's dynamic IT landscape. But it’s hard to manage who and what has access to data, services, and apps—especially for a large enterprise. Do your stakeholders have the visibility and control needed to manage access effectively and ensure the security of your critical resources?

What you and your stakeholders can learn in this webinar:

  • How to improve enterprise security posture by maintaining company-wide oversight of access and usage from a single interface.
  • How TeamViewer Tensor can simplify user management and help enforce consistent security policies across all devices.
  • Best practices for scalable audit trails and why managing privileges and access points are crucial to business security.
  • Strategies for expanding global access needs across business units and evolving work environments.

About the speakers

Gilbert Vargas

Enterprise Account Manager at TeamViewer

Gilbert works closely with customers, technical and business stakeholders to align and develop sustainable plans for remote management across enterprises. As a 24-year veteran in the software technology industry, Gil listens to customers’ strategic goals and individual objectives. Finally, he served in the US Marine Corps and graduated from San Diego State University.

Aaron Boshers

Product Security Manager at TeamViewer

Aaron is a product security manager for TeamViewer helping customers understand the security of our products and company. Aaron is also a US Navy veteran and a graduate from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with community involvement with the MCPA and Neon Temple.

Marty Funk

Vice President of Sales for the West and Canada at TeamViewer

Marty leads TeamViewer's commercial operations in Western America and Canada, focusing on long-term customer success. With over 30 years in technology, he's experienced significant advancements and anticipates more. Based in Burlingame, CA, near family, he humorously notes his UC Santa Barbara B.A. in History qualifies him for 'nothing at all'.

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