Erste Bank Oesterreich is the lead institution of the Austrian Sparkassengruppe (savings bank group). Together with the 49 regional savings banks, it is one of the largest banking groups in the country. Erste Bank and the savings banks offer a comprehensive range of services and products for all financial needs, like savings and loans, consumer and housing finance, personal accounts, debit and credit cards, internet banking solutions, financial market products and private banking services.

The desire for location-independent advice was further strengthened on the customer side, not least due to the pandemic-related restrictions. With Erste Bank’s new remote advisory center, customers were to be able to bring the classic branch into their own four walls. The aim was not to offer a classical call center or standard video calls. Rather, the remote advisory center was to be the answer to the changing needs of customers, offering online advice of the highest quality.


Erste Bank had already been offering financial advice via videoconferencing for some time, with experts connecting remotely to an advisory session in the branch as needed. However, the existing platform for online meetings did not meet user interface expectations and was to be replaced by a better product.

In parallel, the existing solution used in technical customer support for remote technical support, for example in online banking, was no longer sufficient – partly because it required installation on the customer device. A change to a new remote support platform that could meet the requirements had become necessary.

  • The goal was to also reach those customers who value personal contact but cannot or do not want to make the trip to the branch.
  • The user interface for remote support should be more appealing and easy to use, with no downloads required.
  • Possibility of partial integration into the applications used in the company.


With TeamViewer, Erste Bank Oesterreich takes financial consulting to the next level. Personal video consultation ensures high service quality even in the digital age – no matter when, no matter where. Customers of Erste Bank Oesterreich can decide which channels they would like to use to deal with their concerns, whether via the internet banking app “George”, video telephony, e-mail or telephone. A computer or mobile device with internet access, camera and sound is all that is needed, and a trip to the branch is no longer necessary.

The TeamViewer chatbot feature integrated on Erste Bank’s homepage not only supports support staff with simple customer queries, but also increases customer satisfaction. TeamViewer’s co-browsing technology replaced the old remote support software and provides visual context. Screen sharing now works from within the browser – no software needs to be downloaded or installed by the customer, which is especially beneficial for business customers.


Thanks to the new video advisory service, many financial products that previously could only be provided by visiting a branch in person can now be conveniently offered and purchased from the comfort of home. The customizable design of TeamViewer also enabled Erste Bank to deploy the new digital consulting experience for customers in a completely brand-appropriate manner and with the highest quality.

Today, customers of Erste Bank benefit from all-round flexibility – whether it’s a personal meeting in the branch, a quick phone call in the evening, or an online consultation during the lunch break. With its online consultation service, Erste Bank Oesterreich has added an attractive offering to its omnichannel strategy. Inspired by the example set by Erste Bank, other institutions within the savings bank group are also striving to provide their customers online consulting services using TeamViewer.

Reduction of the Average Handle Time by an average of 35% per service case in the s ServiceCenter

Interconnected technologies for the omnichannel strategy

Increased service quality for customers on the device of their choice

Fabian Stenzel Head of Retail at Erste Bank

“In TeamViewer, we have found a highly professional and well-qualified provider to support our new remote services.”

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