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Engineered for security

Get 360° security for your remote support, access, monitoring, and management needs.

TeamViewer Tensor offers enterprise-grade security to protect your customers and colleagues. Learn how to stay secure, compliant, and in control of every incoming and outgoing connection in your organization.

Engineered for security


As enterprises embrace the freedom of cloud computing and hybrid work, remote support and access have become the key to supporting employees and managing device fleets distributed across the globe.

But this freedom is not without risk – wide-spread workforces can lead to widening attack surfaces, increasing the need for a remote connectivity solution that’s engineered with security in mind.

50% of organizations have experienced an increase in attacks in the past 12 months

Visualization of current and emerging threats in cybersecurity, from DDoS attacks and Spyware to Data Privacy and Crypto-jacking

36% of businesses have deployed remote support software to support hybrid work.*

50% of organizations have been the target of malicious attacks resulting in 1.5 billion breaches in IoT alone.*

$4.45 million is the average cost of a data breach. A cost that has grown 15% in the last three years.**

* Source: IDC
  | ** Source:

Cybersecurity and emerging threats

Attack surfaces are expanded due to borderless offices. Distributed workforces that work from multiple locations, using multiple devices pose a threat to enterprises that are targeted on a regular basis.

The combination of the current threat landscape, the ongoing global digital transformation, and the shift to digital-first business models, means guaranteeing continuous operational capability has become a priority for businesses of all sizes.

Key security challenges

Our security framework

At TeamViewer, we understand the importance of driving business success through remote connectivity and establishing a framework for robust security posture. This framework is split into six layers:
  1. Rules
    The golden rules for ensuring a secure remote connectivity experience.
  2. Configurations
    Configuration parameters that involve security in general.
  3. Risks
    Potential risks that need to be safeguarded against.
  4. Actors
    The actors involved in or affected by security breaches.
  5. Expectations
    Setting expectations for a more secure remote connectivity experience.
  6. Commitments
    Establishing an organization-wide security posture.

Secure and scalable remote connectivity for the enterprise

TeamViewer Tensor is engineered for the enterprise enabling companies to effectively mitigate the security challenges faced by a connected and distributed enterprise with set of benefits.

Key security benefits

In addition, TeamViewer also has remote management and monitoring capabilities that can further enhance endpoint protection (EPP), endpoint detection and response (EDR) and much more.


Industrial-grade security

Today, enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to manage a majority of their IT operations. In addition, the rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of work-from-home policies have led to a significant dependence on remote access and control capabilities. As a result, security is much more important now.



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