Please download the Support collector from the following links (Depending on your OS)

This article applies to all TeamViewer customers who have been asked to provide a support collector to our Support staff.

How to...

Please download the Support collector from the above links. Then run it and step through the wizard. Once it has finished (depending on the OS), it will generate a file:

  • Resulting filename on Windows: "" (will be saved on the same folder where you run it from)
  • Resulting filename on MACs: "" (will be saved on the desktop)

Please send it to us as an attachment in reply to the email you got from our support staff for further analysis (From all sides affected by the issue) or submit it directly via the ticket portal:

📌Note: In order to sign in to the TeamViewer ticket portal, you must log in with a licensed TeamViewer account.

Special case: Linux

There is no support collector for Linux, but you can send the log files.

Read this article to learn how to find your log files on Linux:

📄 Find your log files - Linux