The purpose of the User Focus Program (UFP) is to understand how people use TeamViewer in general and our different products in particular (e.g. Remote Management, Meeting, Remote Control) and to shape the course of TeamViewer. Your participation in the UFP will help us make the product easier to use.

This article applies to all TeamViewer users.

Sign up for the User Focus Program

You can apply for our User Focus Program (UFP) here:

📝 TeamViewer User Focus Program

For and with our users

Your participation will allow you to collaborate with us in shaping the course of TeamViewer.

We regularly show and share early ideas, ask for feedback, organize feedback or product test sessions, and provide surveys on various topics around our products.

We put you at the center

We want to build the right features and solve the right problems for you with your support.

The only way to build the best possible product for you is to have users at the center of all our product decisions. – TeamViewer UX Principle

Learn more about the UFP

You can find more information on the UFP landing page.

We are grateful to work with you to make TeamViewer even better.