This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) users. 

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The TeamViewer fingerprint allows users additional proof of the identity of the remote device.

The fingerprint is generated on the local TeamViewer client by the machines public key and consists of letters (small and capital), numbers, and special characters.

Like the TeamViewer ID, each device has a unique fingerprint and can be seen as a TeamViewer ID verifier for all TeamViewer users.

For a connection, the fingerprint of the remote device is calculated locally from the public key the other side uses to establish the connection.


Where can I find the fingerprint?

There are two ways to access the fingerprint:

1. In the Remote Control tab, you will find a key-icon next to your TeamViewer ID.

Clicking this icon will show you the fingerprint of this device and allows you to easily copy and share it with your connection partner through another communication channel like email.

That way, you can verify your device once the connection is established in a user-friendly manner.

2. The fingerprint is also located under 3 lines menuAbout TeamViewer.

The fingerprint is available for the Full version, Host module, and the QuickSupport of Windows, Mac, and Linux devices as well as on mobile devices. Here, the fingerprint is displayed in the log files.


How to use the fingerprint?

Before establishing a connection to your partner, please let them send you the fingerprint via your preferred communication method (e.g. via chat, email, read out loud).

After establishing the connection (e.g. via the TeamViewer ID) you can check via the TeamViewer Toolbar Connection Info whether the fingerprint is identical to the one your partner gave you earlier. 

With this, you can verify that the connection has been established to the correct device. 


Why should I use the fingerprint?

Using the verification via fingerprint is not required for successful and secure TeamViewer connections.

However, in very sensitive cases (e.g., governmental usage) there might be a requirement for a second layer of verification of the remote devices.

The fingerprint has been developed especially for those cases. Still - every TeamViewer user can use it.

The fingerprint acts as an increased trust level for all involved parties and allows users to verify themselves.