You can create customized QuickSupport modules for your business showcasing the module with your logo, company colours and text. Learn how here.

This article applies to all TeamViewer customers using TeamViewer (Classic) version 12 or below.

In case your logo is no longer displayed within an individual TeamViewer module, the reason may be that you have renamed the module.

In principle, it is possible to change the file name of TeamViewer modules. Please note the following limitations:

If you create a module with your logo, save it within the TeamViewer (Classic) Management Console, and download it, you are not allowed to delete the code (including the dash) in the file name.

The code links the module to the Management Console and your TeamViewer account. Your logo will be loaded from the TeamViewer (Classic) Management Console when the module is launched. If you delete the code, this is not possible.

We recommend handing over a personal link (e.g. to your customers instead of the modules' .exe file. This will ensure the proper display of your module at all times.

💡Hint: Activate the "SOS button" feature for any of your TeamViewer (Classic) 11 (or later) QuickSupport modules and a fully personalizable TeamViewer SOS button is placed on your customer's desktop when the customer opens the module.