If the situation requires it, you can remove Two-Factor Authentication from company members' accounts.

Once the removal has been completed, the next time the user logs in, they will be able to connect via e-mail and password only, without using TFA.

🚨 We highly recommend all TeamViewer (Classic) users enabling Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts.

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) license administrators.

Remove Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1: Make sure Two-Factor Authentication enforcement is disabled

Before resetting Two-Factor Authentication on the user's account, you need to make sure that Two-Factor Authentication enforcement is disabled (Not enforced) on their account.

If Two-Factor Authentication enforcement is not disabled on their account, please check the article here on how to disable it:

📄 Disable Two-Factor-Authentication enforcement from company members

Step 2: Deactivate Two-Factor Authentication

Now, deactivate Two-Factor Authentication by using the Deactivate TFA button in the user management menu:

1. Select the users on which TFA needs to be removed.

2. Click the Edit button (wrench icon) and select Deactivate TFA.

3. Confirm by selecting Deactivate.