Customer Success Story

MediTouch Ltd.

How MediTouch is Creating New Potential for Rehabilitation

Alan Waterman, International Sales Manager

The TeamViewer technology gives MediTouch the capability to inexpensively connect one-on-one with patients and make a difference in how quickly they can regain or maintain optimum functionality.

Established in 2004, MediTouch Ltd. manufactures innovative tele-rehabilitation systems that consist of wearable motion capture devices that work together with an interactive games platform and software for virtual physical therapy sessions from home.


  • Connecting patients and physical therapist virtually for at-home rehabilitation
  • Affordable visual communication to offer fully-customized sessions
  • Secure and trustworthy one-on-one platform


With TeamViewer, MediTouch is able to offer fully-customized physical therapy sessions at home. MediTouch can reach a broader spectrum of patients by communicating virtually through TeamViewer, saving patients money and time by eliminating the need for travel. This assures faster results, a more consistent approach to recovery.

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