Join our global TeamViewer TeamUP partner program

Whether you are a reseller, a managed service provider, or a system integrator, TeamViewer TeamUP is designed for all partnerships.

Conceptualization of TeamViewer sessions

Together we will expand your opportunities and increase wins

Accelerate your growth with exclusive margins, marketing co-investments, dedicated support and comprehensive training and certification. Your success is our core commitment, and we are dedicated to ensuring you are equipped with the expertise and resources needed to drive a business.

Our program

  • Readiness and enablement

    TeamViewer TeamUP provides structured and transparent training and certification practices to support our partners in positioning TeamViewer solutions to their prospects.

  • Profitability increase

    TeamViewer TeamUP combines TeamViewer and partner efforts via a joint go-to-market approach. The program’s commercial model drives and incentivizes partners proactively with discounts and rebates.

  • Business collaboration

    TeamViewer TeamUP enables marketing development funds (MDF) to authorized partners to subsidize the costs for marketing and sales enablement activities that drive demand for TeamViewer products, solutions, and services.

  • Deal protection

    TeamViewer TeamUP’s deal registration ensures that key reseller benefits, such as special price conditions, are protected.

TeamViewer TeamUP benefits





Discount rates*



Dedicated channel account manager (CAM)
Access to Partner Portal*
Partner locator
Not-for-resale (NFR) license
Demo environment license
Participation in advisory board meetings*
Access to sponsorship tickets*
TeamViewer logo*

*Subject to individual invitation/special offer by TeamViewer.

Partner tiers of TeamViewer TeamUP

  • Distributor

    Distributors are key to the TeamViewer business contribution. Through close collaboration, our distributors act as an intermediary between TeamViewer and resellers in the distribution of TeamViewer products and services.

  • Business partner

    As a TeamViewer business partner, you may simply want to start selling TeamViewer licenses right away without the need for signing a detailed partner contract or committing to a defined threshold.


    Only an agreement with a distributor in your local region is required to sell TeamViewer products and get compensated according to the TeamViewer TeamUP program benefits.


    It’s that easy, find a distributor for you region and start selling!

  • Premier partner

    A premier partnership means close collaboration with TeamViewer through the sales cycle with top rewards guaranteed.


    Our TeamViewer TeamUP partner program enables you to upskill product knowledge, become certified, and get compensated for marketing co-investments.


    As a premier partner, we strive for a unified approach to drive mutual growth.

  • Champion partner

    Champion partners are recognized for their expertise in driving and managing customers through the lifecycle. Possessing expert-level knowledge of TeamViewer’s products and industries results in deeper customer relationships and increased opportunities.


    Together with TeamViewer, champion partners invest in joint businesses, assuring continuous growth.


    Become a champion partner and receive the ultimate benefits with the optimum TeamViewer TeamUP partner program.

You want to become a part of our TeamViewer TeamUP program?

Want to partner with us?

Whether you want to add features and services to our solution, add them as components to your customers’ whole system or provide leading-edge services to them, our partner program offers many possibilities for your business.

Value added reseller

Include our solutions in your portfolio to address market demands and increase your market share.

Referral partner

Use your network to refer clients to us. Submit to us and earn a referral fee.

Managed service provider

Offer the best services for your clients and users and grow your business as a result of greater operational efficiency.

System integrator

Integrate our solutions in your portfolio to improve your customers’ processes and expand your business.

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