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Simplify and accelerate after-sales support of connected equipment

Tensor Embedded

Maximize efficiency and asset uptime without added costs

To support high-value commercial equipment after the sale, you need to have a quick response and resolution time. Previously, that often meant sending a technician on-site to troubleshoot and maintain the machine. Sure, a VPN or other ad-hoc tool might help identify some problems.

But what you really need is a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solution to provide remote support to your customers immediately. Set configurations, deploy updates, and maintain and inspect devices — all remotely. Now you can ensure a responsive and outstanding after-sales support experience at a fraction of the travel time and expense.

Enhance your service for more satisfied customers

Unlock new revenue streams by providing a modern, digitalized after-sales experience for your customers. Leverage in-house expertise by making it more effective and efficient for first-level support issues. Leveraging remote troubleshooting organizations can significantly lower travel costs and make service operations more agile and competitive.

This combination of greater service efficiency, better response times, and less customer device downtime can transform your business and ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and brand loyalty.

Why remote connectivity?

Minimize machine downtime

Increase efficiency and reliably meet SLA metrics

Lower the cost of providing service

Tensor is giving OEMs an edge

With secure, reliable remote support, you can offer attractive SLAs, improve the customer experience, and generate brand loyalty. The result is new, recurring revenue streams built on remote connectivity and successful digital transformation. Gruppo Cimbali demonstrates how original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are reaping tangible benefits.

The results: up to 20 percent greater technician efficiency, up to 15 percent lower travel costs, and significantly reduced machine downtime and maintenance costs.

A completely new world of rapid after-sales support

Without remote access

Frequent site visits or multiple tools
• Most problems can only be solved on-site
• Service technicians must learn multiple remote access tools


Customers experience downtime
• Lost business generates additional costs


Lack of skilled workers causes problems
• Difficulties meeting SLA metrics
• Low productivity of technicians due to travel

With TeamViewer Tensor

Multi-OS remote access from a single solution
• Maintain, troubleshoot, and service entire device fleets remotely
• Increase efficiency at scale


Customers get much more value
• Faster SLAs and less downtime


Centralized expertise with less technician travel
• Better after-sales support generates loyalty
• New opportunities for upselling and cross-selling

Cross-platform compatibility

TeamViewer Tensor enables OEMs to use remote connectivity with any major embedded OS platform.

Use cases

  • Remote access & control

    One-click secure access to devices and equipment


    • Access embedded devices from anywhere
    • Troubleshoot and fix issues in real time
    • Order any necessary parts before travelling to the unit
    • Reduce costs for maintenance and site visits
    • Easily configure multiple-port-forwarding
  • Secure attended access

    OEM connects with remote access while the customer is present on-site


    • Remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues together with the customer
    • On-site operator must grant specific access requested each time
    • Unauthorized access is impossible
    • Easily manage tickets from the TeamViewer Management Console or TeamViewer Client
  • Remote operations

    Remotely configure and operate connected devices


    • Manage connected devices and keep them updated and protected while having a real-time overview of endpoint status
    • Minimize on-site visits for normal operations
    • High-quality screen grabbing lets you operate equipment as if you're in front of the machine
  • Device management

    Remotely manage connected device fleets


    • A central platform to organize, maintain, and orchestrate software and services
    • Monitor device status to ensure reliable performance
    • Enable one-time access using world-class access and control technologies
    • Manage and share grouping, roles, access, provisioning, and assignments

Secure-by-design for any industry, including healthcare

TeamViewer innovates constantly to enhance the security of our global access network and software. That’s why makers of equipment that handles confidential data turn to Tensor. Take Regensight, for instance.

The results? New digital after-sales support for its products, compliance with healthcare industry security standards, reduced downtime and improved device reliability, and enhanced customer satisfaction and end-user trust.

What can Tensor offer your organization?

For all the problems TeamViewer Tensor solves, it opens the door to as many opportunities. TeamViewer Tensor makes an endless number of new business cases possible. Anywhere remote access was unfeasible due to security or compliance concerns, the doors are now wide open.

Provide a completely new level of after-sales service to your own customers. Or go to market with your service operations as a separate profit center that also works for external clients.

Whatever your needs or ambitions, we would be delighted to consult you. Talk to an expert at TeamViewer today to explore how we can work together and expand your possibilities.