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With new features and a fresh look, the trusted remote access and support platform is now better than ever.

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Why choose TeamViewer Remote?

Enterprise-grade security

TeamViewer is secured by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other industry-grade security features, such as conditional access, SSO, and much more.


TeamViewer leaves the competition behind covering the highest combined total of 127 manufacturers for mobile devices, operating systems, and embedded devices on the market today.

Best performance

TeamViewer’s global access network will provide you with the best possible connection, so you can enjoy immersive remote access and support sessions with fast transfer speeds and high image quality.

TeamViewer focuses on a robust security framework with a dedicated security team to ensure compliance and trust.

Remote support

Fast remote support for IT professionals and teams

Tech defects, system errors, and software queries result in costly downtime, but even if IT issues are unavoidable, slow response times are not.

With TeamViewer Remote, you can securely connect to your IT systems from any location to provide seamless support in an instant.

Remote access and work

Work from home with remote access to the devices and servers you need

Remote access removes the barrier of location, allowing you to run server maintenance from home, investigate a system error on the train, or anything in between.

With TeamViewer Remote, your devices, files, and applications are just a few clicks away, so you can stay productive wherever you are. Access remotely and securely — all without a VPN.

Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

Feature spotlight

Whether you need to maintain a lifeline to the office while traveling, reduce travel and costs associated with in-person support, or work closely with remote team members, TeamViewer Remote offers secure, efficient, and easy-to-use features designed to catapult your productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Explore our most popular features

Mobile device support

Support mobile and commercial-grade devices from any location

Supporting a network of distributed devices can be costly and time-consuming, especially when scaled globally. With TeamViewer Remote, you can quickly view and screenshare your iOS device and deliver support to unattended Android devices, point of sale (POS) devices, kiosks, and digital signage. We even enable mobile-to-mobile support.

Remote management

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) for speedy and efficient IT support

Know more about your devices — manage, monitor, and protect them. Supercharge your help desk by providing proactive IT support instead of just reacting to service calls. Gain more visibility into your managed devices by monitoring critical aspects and receiving alerts as soon as your attention is required. Deploy and patch third-party applications and keep operating systems up-to-date to provide a healthy IT infrastructure.

Remote AR assistance

Solve your hardware problems with augmented reality

Get 360° support and solve your IT or operational problems by combining TeamViewer Remote with Assist AR’s visual assistance. When problems arise in your company’s software or hardware, the on-site worker can connect to one or more experts who can visually guide them to solve the problem using only a smartphone. Avoid travel costs while streamlining your processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

With new features and a fresh look, the trusted remote access and support platform is now better than ever.

How to connect with TeamViewer Remote

Open the TeamViewer web or desktop client on the outgoing device and create a remote session.

Also open the TeamViewer client on the incoming device and follow the invite to join the session.

Start the session on the outgoing device to connect and remotely control the incoming device.


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