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Empower your frontline team with industry-proven AR solutions

Desk-less workers haven’t yet digitalized to the same extent as office workers – but the revolution is gathering pace. TeamViewer Frontline, our all-in-one AR platform, gives industrial workers the digital tools they need to speed up processes, decrease error rates, improve quality, and save costs.

What is TeamViewer Frontline?

Frontline is our enterprise productivity platform with fully integrated AR solutions. It uses the latest wearable computing technology to streamline manual work processes in any industry. In a world increasingly split between those who have digitalized and those who haven’t, Frontline brings your desk-less workforce into the future.

Frontline’s advantages at a glance

  • Impactful suite of industry-proven AR & MR solutions for any industrial use case
  • Easy integration into backend systems for rapid time to value
  • Several cloud hosting options or on-premise installation for flexible deployment
  • Extensive hardware support for enterprise-grade wearables and mobile devices
  • Self-service tools & highly configurable solutions that cover even the most complex processes
  • Easy to use – even for those with little or no IT knowledge
  • One-stop-shop for easier project handling, e.g., procurement processes & services

Logistics & Warehousing

Digitalize logistics processes with Frontline xPick

  • When combined with smart glasses, xPick frees up a worker’s hands so they can ‘pick-by-vision’. Supports manual order picking, inventory control, and most other logistics processes
  • Working hands-free means your workers perform tasks quicker and with fewer errors. The intuitive graphical interface ensures quick implementation and acceptance
  • Optional components including weight control, barcode scans, localization, and voice command broaden the range of possible applications

Assembly & Production

Augment manufacturing processes with Frontline xMake

  • Innovative ‘make-by-vision’ AR solution that ensures faster assembly by replacing paper manuals with instructions in the user’s field of view
  • In-built quality assurance thanks to sophisticated cameras and sensors that ensure perfect results for each step in the assembly
  • Interface can be quickly and easily configured according to language and the specific process requirements ensuring rapid adoption

Inspection & Maintenance

Digitalize inspection and maintenance with Frontline xInspect

  • Complete time-consuming inspection, service, and maintenance tasks faster with our ‘inspect-by-vision’ tool
  • No more complex maintenance manuals – diagnostics, documentation, and trouble-shooting guides all appear in the wearer’s field of vision, freeing up their hands
  • Hazard warnings are displayed prominently, ensuring safer working practices

Remote assistance

Virtual troubleshooting from anywhere with Frontline xAssist

  • Streamlines the support process – the remote expert sees what the on-site technician sees and can give instructions in real time
  • Downtime is minimized and knowledge can be passed through the organization so productivity is increased
  • Multiple users can be added to the call enabling external experts to provide assistance

Explore the Frontline platform

Coordinate your workforce, manage tasks and devices, and instantly troubleshoot by connecting to your workforce via remote assistance.

Use Frontline Creator to easily configure 2D augmented reality applications – without programming knowledge. Use Frontline Spatial Editor to create your own 3D mixed reality work instructions via drag & drop and point & click.

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All TeamViewer Frontline device clients offer an adaptive user interface and clear visuals to support manual work processes. So the digital workplace adjusts to your use case and your workforce.

With AiStudio, TeamViewer helps you leverage easy-to-use, configurable AI technology for business-essential use cases – from workplace safety checks to process verification, compliance checks and more.

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Frontline named leading AR platform for enterprises

TeamViewer Frontline has been recognized by influential tech analysts ABi Research for its superior enterprise capabilities:

  • Best-in-class device support
  • Notable strategic partnerships
  • Scalable implementation
  • Short time to value

Why choose TeamViewer Frontline?

  • Consulting

    We’re with you throughout your journey – from project kick-off to scoping and beyond. We evaluate your use cases together and explore where it makes sense to support with AR.

  • Configuration

    While many of our tools are self-service, we can help customise and configure your solution if needed.

  • Implementation

    We help with the technical implementation with workshops and training individualized to the needs of your site and your workers – and provide the support you need to ensure a frictionless roll-out.

  • Service

    Together we configure a service agreement that makes sense for you. Remote capabilities mean we can provide assistance instantly.

Frontline and your company

Curious to see how AR can optimize frontline processes for your company? Get in touch – we’re happy to arrange a demo or just discuss if Frontline is an option for your set-up.

Choose your wearables

Frontline integrates with the industry’s widest range of wearables, ensuring you can always find the most suitable device or combination of devices for the job at hand.

Frontline for your industry

Discover how Frontline can optimize processes in your industry. Our platform is endlessly configurable, meaning you can quickly customize solutions to meet your needs and use cases.

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