TeamViewer's Features in Detail


Cross-platform PC to PC, mobile to PC, PC to mobile, and even mobile to mobile connections that support Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows Universal Platform, and BlackBerry.

Maximum compatibility
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

TeamViewer runs on the broadest spectrum of devices and operating systems ranging from state-of-the-art systems with the latest OS to older devices and legacy operating systems.

No configuration

Start and use TeamViewer instantly. TeamViewer even works behind firewalls and automatically detects any proxy configuration.

Easy to understand
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Enjoy a state-of-the-art user interface that is clearly arranged, simple, touch-friendly, and quick to operate.

High performance
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Intelligent connection setup and routing, efficient use of bandwidth, fast data transmissions, remote session framerates up to 60 fps, hardware acceleration, and automatic quality adjustments ensure an optimized user experience.

High security

TeamViewer utilizes RSA 2048 public/private key exchange, AES (256 bit) session encryption end to end, random passwords for one-time access, optional two-factor authentication, and access controls via trusted devices as well as black- and whitelists.


TeamViewer is available in more than 30 languages and supports international keyboards, which makes it an ideal solution for international use.

Free for testing and personal use

Test TeamViewer for free, without having to provide any personal information. Also, use the software at home for personal use free of charge.

General features

Computers & Contacts management
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Arrange, group, and share your computers and contacts as needed. Receive alerts for important notifications. See recent connections and when contacts are online in order to send messages or connect instantly with just one click.

Automatic discovery

Automatically discover nearby contacts and devices to make collaboration and interaction even easier.

Integrated monitoring checks

By assigning a device to your TeamViewer account, TeamViewer sends you alerts regarding disk space, Windows updates, antivirus protection, and Windows firewall.

User & device management
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Add users and devices to your company (license) and assign rights. Share groups. Manage devices with policy-based settings and view essential device information, even when they are offline. Enable secure access controls to connect to devices without the need for a password.

Setting policies

Create setting policies, distribute them, and enforce them if necessary. Any changes to setting policies are automatically applied to the assigned devices.

Channel groups

Create separate channel groups within your license and assign users to them to ensure that specific teams always have access to the channels they need.


Instant messaging functionality includes group chats, web-based chats, offline messaging, chat history, persistent chat groups, customer-initiated chat from service cases, full support for mobile devices, and end-to-end encryption.

File transfer
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Share files of any size with transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s by using convenient methods such as a file manager, contextual menus, drag & drop, and a file box that can link to cloud storage providers.


During remote control or meeting sessions, use an online whiteboard that includes numerous shapes, pens, markers, and a speech bubble.

Remote audio and video

Hear music or system sounds and see videos from the remote computer during a connection.

High-definition VoIP

Enjoy the clarity of high definition audio quality with automatic noise reduction and echo cancellation during Voice over IP transmissions.

Session recording
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Record remote control or meeting sessions (including sound, Voice over IP, video, and webcam images) with simple conversion into the AVI video format. Session recording can also be enforced.

Ultra-high definition

By means of intelligent scaling, TeamViewer provides flawless connections to UHD displays for both remote control and meeting sessions.

Terminal server support

In a terminal server environment, a separate ID is optionally generated for every user, which allows them all to use TeamViewer simultaneously and independently.

Mass deployment

Deploy TeamViewer or TeamViewer Host (silently) to thousands of devices at once via group policy (GPO) in an Active Directory domain. Also, roll out TeamViewer Host to your Android mobile fleet via the Management Console.
Integrated service desk
Manage and track incoming tickets with TeamViewer servicecamp, the integrated service desk. Streamline response times by prioritizing your requests and identifying frequent service or support topics.

Remote control

Direct control

Establish remote desktop connections to a computer or Android or Windows 10 mobile device and control it as if it were right in front of you.

24/7 access

Install TeamViewer as a system service to enable access to remote devices at any time, ideal for accessing unattended devices such as remote servers.

From your browser

Use TeamViewer from within your web browser to provide remote support or for remote access.

Multiple connections

Open multiple connections simultaneously and use tabs to switch conveniently between them.

For your work environment

TeamViewer supports user account control (UAC), direct LAN connections via TCP/IP, and a true virtual private network (VPN) channel – in addition to pure desktop sharing.

Linux systems without a GUI

Even if there is no graphical user interface (GUI) or attached monitor on the remote Linux computer, you can simply connect to the Linux text console.


Wake up your computer via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or via a router.

Restart remote computer

Restart the remote computer with automatic subsequent reconnection – even in safe mode.

Remotely update or install

Remotely update any installed version of TeamViewer or even remotely install TeamViewer (full version or Host) via TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Remote printing
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Conveniently print full-color documents from the remote computer to your local printer. Locally installed printers are automatically detected by TeamViewer.

Synchronous clipboard

Copy and paste files, images, and text from one computer to another via the clipboard.

Special keys

Easily send special key combinations to the remote device (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Del) even if you’re using a completely different operating system such as on a mobile device.

Black screen

Make the remote computer monitor dark if you do not want anyone to watch while you are accessing a remote device.

Multi-monitor support
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Navigate easily between multiple monitors. Display multiple remote screens simultaneously on your local screens (e.g. two windows for two monitors).

Save connection settings

Save individual connection settings for all future connections to the same computers by group, contact, or computer.

Service queue
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

All service cases are collected in a service queue and identified based on a session code that can then be prioritized, organized, and automatically assigned in your team. Notifications ensure you never miss a service case.

Work together

Invite any partner or expert into a current remote control session and solve problems together. Also change directions by reversing the viewing direction during any ongoing session.

Comprehensive reporting

Built-in reporting features log incoming and outgoing connections to know who did what, when, and for how long. This can serve as the basis for precise billing. Also, take advantage of session commenting capabilities and customer feedback forms.

Connect to mobile devices
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Optionally add support for mobile devices to connect to Android and Windows 10 Mobile with real-time remote control and unattended access, and connect to iOS devices with real-time screen sharing. See installed apps and running processes, push and pull settings, and view important device metrics.

Meetings / presentations


Schedule, organize, and send invitations to your meetings. Set up your online meetings directly in your Outlook calendar via the integrated TeamViewer button.

Rights management

Rights management allows differentiation between organizer, presenter, and participants. Different presenters can be designated and changed during a meeting.

Effectively communicate

Communicate interactively and effectively via chat, VoIP, video, and telephone conference. Individually set the level of interaction among participants.

Access control

Start meetings without participants for optimal preparation. Use the door lock to provide additional access control of invited participants.

Screen sharing

Share your screen at any time or select only the window of a particular application to share. Escalate chats or video calls into full presentations by sharing your screen at any time.

Video calls

See and talk to multiple participants simultaneously in a single call, and share your screen at any time.

One click

Meetings, video calls, chats, and teleconferences can be started with just a click: simple and spontaneous.


No installation

QuickSupport (remote support) and QuickJoin (meeting participation) can be used without installation, so no administrator rights are necessary.

Unattended access
UPDATE: TeamViewer 13

Install TeamViewer Host to enable permanent access to unattended computers/servers, or access Android devices such as smartphones, point of sale devices, or public displays by using TeamViewer Host for Android with Eco Mode for efficient battery and data usage.

Custom modules

Create custom QuickSupport, QuickJoin, and Host modules that are branded with your corporate identity, configured for your specific needs, and always available to your customers.

SOS button

Put an icon with your company’s name, or a simple call to action, right on customers’ desktops to make it extremely easy for them to get support.



Use an API to integrate TeamViewer into your applications (e.g. helpdesk or CRM). Add capabilities such as access to computers and contacts, reporting, user management, policy deployment, and session management.

iOS/Android screen sharing SDK

Integrate TeamViewer into your mobile apps using the screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android. Assist users of your app and troubleshoot their issues.

Chat from your web environment

Add full-featured, browser-based chat capabilities to internal web tools such as CRM or helpdesk solutions by means of an embedded TeamViewer chat widget.

Service desk


Clear focus

No matter what kind of request, you are able to focus on your ticket content. Irrelevant information is automatically faded out. Relevant text passages in ticket conversations can be highlighted.

Email client integration

Turn Outlook or Gmail into a service desk. Answer incoming tickets directly from within your email application using full service-desk functionality. There is no need to manually maintain two systems.

Multilayered support

Connect directly to your customers from within your support ticket. Provide support via chat, or start a remote control session. It works even if the customer does not have TeamViewer installed.


Structure your inbox by sorting tickets into topics. Opening a topic lists all topic-related tickets as well. Easily quantify and measure frequently asked questions or currently relevant support issues and use them to provide fast service.

Collision detection

See if a ticket in your inbox is currently being answered by a colleague. With collision detection, it is simple to improve response times and avoid outgoing double answers to an inquiry.

Bulk actions

Update a large number of tickets at once. Prioritize, sort, answer, and close tickets with a single action, and define for which tickets you want to use bulk actions.


Embed quotes from a previous ticket into your current customer answer. When switching back and forth between tickets, the previously edited text remains in your current ticket and can be processed and sent out.