Remote Desktop for Windows: Connect to Other Computers in Your Network

Establish a secure connection between any two computers with Windows remote desktop.

The Role of Windows Remote Desktop Software for Modern Companies

In today’s business climate, it has never been more important to stay connected with global enterprise trends, using modern technological developments to drive efficiency and lower overheads. As such, remote desktop technology has come to the fore as a key tool for companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. For businesses that run on Windows, remote desktop solutions are numerous, as it remains the most popular operating system used by businesses across the world. Enabling companies with a global workforce to bring employees together and collaborate in a seamless work environment, TeamViewer’s Windows-compatible solution allows round-the-clock access to essential files and devices.

When deciding which Windows remote desktop solution is right for you, there are a number of things to consider. Depending on your usage and whether it is intended for commercial or private use, and the specific requirements of your company, you will find that an all-in-one, free remote access software solution like TeamViewer will meet your expectations.

Windows Remote Desktop Solutions: Everything You Need to Know

Unlike other software, such as the Windows remote desktop feature, TeamViewer is easy to set up and offers complete functionality irrespective of the operating system you are using or trying to connect to.

The only requirement is that in order to run the remoting application both the host and the remote computer must be fully powered on and connected to the internet.

When using TeamViewer’s remote desktop from Windows, you also have full access to all of the various capabilities it offers, such as:

  • VoIP calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Joining meetings
Computer connectivity

Connecting a Windows device to a Mac or Linux machine can be somewhat more complex.

Unfortunately, Windows remote desktop does not allow free access to a Mac device. For this, you will need to work the other way around and establish a Mac remote desktop connection to the Windows machine, or you will require third-party software such as TeamViewer.

The TeamViewer solution is developed to a high standard of cross-compatibility so there are no problems securing a connection irrespective of your OS or your device.

The cloud-based software creates a seamless workflow amongst colleagues, clients and teams, paving the path for a high-functioning working environment.

Popular Windows Remote Desktop Use Cases

Access to files

In cases where an employee is at a meeting or travelling for work and they have forgotten a document on their office computer, they can simply retrieve forgotten files or presentations via TeamViewer’s Windows remote desktop solution.

IT support

TeamViewer provides a simple solution for remote tech support, suitable for IT technicians, IT departments and managed service providers. This allows technicians to access Windows remote desktops and provide basic means of assistance.

Remote employees

TeamViewer’s Windows remote desktop function makes it easier for employees to work from home. With access to work files, programs, software, and network resources, it will feel as though you are in the office in front of your work computer.

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