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TeamViewer acquisitions

TeamViewer has made many strategically important acquisitions across sectors to expand its AR, Internet of Things (IoT), and customer engagement offering with industry-specific solutions for enterprise customers.


These products provide substantial process improvements and productivity gains for all customers, and strengthen our global leadership in enterprise AR solutions across all verticals.

Perfect additions to TeamViewer’s portfolio

With the acquisitions of Picavi, Ubimax, Upskill, and Viscopic, TeamViewer offers the most comprehensive enterprise AR platform for frontline workers on the market. With Xaleon, TeamViewer now expands its digitalization activities into customer-facing departments like sales, marketing, and customer service.

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Wearable computing and AR solutions

With its connectivity solutions TeamViewer is already strongly focusing on digitalizing work processes in companies of all sizes. After the acquisition of Ubimax in 2020, TeamViewer supports customers in digitalizing their industrial processes using its combined IoT, augmented reality, and frontline solutions.

Ubimax Frontline is now TeamViewer Frontline. The fully integrated augmented reality productivity solution platform continues to improve work efficiency and simplifies processes of large companies globally.

With the recent release of TeamViewer Frontline 4.0, we have just taken it a step further. Major enhancements are helping our enterprise customers to quickly decrease their error rates and increase their process optimizations.

Scalable enterprise apps for AR

Upskill’s digital workflow solutions support workers especially in industrial manufacturing, inspection, and audit use cases through real-time interfaces with smart glasses and handheld mobile devices.

Upskill’s augmented reality (AR) platform, Skylight, has been integrated into TeamViewer Frontline as Frontline Apps, offering even more features and capabilities to connect frontline workers with the data and information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Upskill, founded in 2010, has two locations in the United States in Tyson’s Corner, VA and Austin, TX. TeamViewer plans to keep and grow these offices to expand its presence within the US and to build on Upskill’s important partnerships within the US tech ecosystem.

Interactive 3D visualization and mixed reality solutions

Viscopic is an expert in 3D and mixed reality (MR) solutions and offers a 3D mixed reality product suite for industrial enterprises.

Viscopic's augmented reality solution closes the gap between theory and practice in vocational training and professional development for frontline workers.

With the official merger, the Viscopic products are now part of TeamViewer Frontline. The augmented and mixed reality solutions continue to improve work efficiency and simplify processes across industries.

Eliminate barriers in customer communication

Xaleon's core product is a co-browsing technology that enables an advanced form of GDPR-compliant screensharing in web sessions. This technology allows agents to interact with customers engaged in web-based processes in real-time, without any download or installation needed and without transmitting any customer data.

In addition to the co-browsing application, Xaleon has developed an entire software suite to enable secure digital interactions across the entire customer journey. To digitally transform the experience of in-person communication, Xaleon combines a variety of complementary features such as co-browsing, chatbots, live and video chat.

In November 2020, TeamViewer integrated Xaleon’s co-browsing technology as a white label feature in its enterprise connectivity solution TeamViewer Tensor, to facilitate GDPR-compliant B2B2C interactions for TeamViewer’s large customers.

Streamline your operations with AR-based vision picking

With the right technology, you can eliminate the inefficiencies of manual logistics and warehousing processes, improving the speed and productivity of your teams.

TeamViewer's augmented reality (AR) based picking solution Frontline Pick visualizes picking data on your employees’ smart glasses or other wearable devices, so they have all the information they need right in their line of sight.

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