The One-Time password feature allows users to grant access to their devices for only one remote control session. The user granting the access generates a One-Time password that will only be valid for one incoming connection.

Once the remote control session ends, the One-Time password expires. No connection will be possible using the same password. A new One-Time password needs to be generated to start a new connection.

📌Note: The One-Time Access does not block any additional user from connecting to the target device. Users can still connect via Easy Access and personal password, even when One-Time Access is enabled.

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) users on Windows devices.

How to activate the One-Time password

To activate the One-Time password, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the three dots menu (⋮).
  2. Click on Enable One-Time Access feature.
    • 📌Note: Alternatively, you can enable the One-Time Access feature via the TeamViewer (Classic) Options under the Security menu. This will temporarily disable the random password (if enabled).
  3. Now, click the three dots menu (⋮) again and select Activate One-Time Password.
  4. You are done! You have generated a One-Time password. Your connection partner can now access your device using this One-Time password.

How to disable the One-Time password

  1. Select the three dots menu (⋮).
  2. Click on Disable One-Time Access feature.
  3. You are done! The One-Time password is now disabled, and the random password (if enabled) will appear.