Here at TeamViewer, we understand Community as an umbrella term for the following two functionalities:

  1. Support Forum
  2. Communication

In this article, we want to dive deeper into those three areas to help you understand what the TeamViewer Community is and what you can expect here.

Support Forum

The forum is all about collaboration. In the forum, you can post questions and answers, start and participate in discussions.

Our forum is peer-to-peer driven and TeamViewer users are interacting with other TeamViewer users.

One thing for sure: Our forum is for both experts who want to share their TeamViewer knowledge, and for beginners who need help. And together, we are creating a supportive, positive and productive community that helps all of us to benefit from all TeamViewer products even more. 

We invite you to become an active part of our forum and we thank you for your participation and your passion for TeamViewer!


The second part of our Community is Communication!

We want to make sure to inform all our users about all the important, interesting and relevant topics around TeamViewer. Announcements of all kinds, Change Logs, our own Community blog and even security-related information are posted for you in our Community!