Until Fedora 28 TeamViewer (Classic) is able to make connections without any special configuration of the operating system. With Fedora 29 the Fedora project changed the dbus implementation which affects TeamViewer (Classic) up until version 15.3.

💡Hint: Please update to TeamViewer 15.4 or newer to resolve this issue.

This article applies to older TeamViewer (Classic) versions (up until 15.3) on Fedora 29 and higher.


The incoming connection doesn't get through to the TeamViewer client:

The initiator of the connection sees the following error:

The source of this issue is the active dbus-broker service. This can be resolved with the following command:

systemctl status dbus.service


The good news is Fedora did only change the default dbus setting and it's possible to change it back without any complications for other applications and services on the system.

Execute the following commands as an administrator:

systemctl disable dbus-broker.service
systemctl --global disable dbus-broker.service
systemctl enable dbus-daemon.service
systemctl --global enable dbus-daemon.service

#Now reboot the system so that the settings are getting reloaded