Key insights

  • Easy Track Survey ist einer der führenden Anbieter von Bau- und Vermessungsgeräten auf dem irischen Markt
  • Previously, Easy Track Survey technicians had to travel to each customer to provide face-to-face training or support
  • With TeamViewer Remote, Easy Track Survey is able to support more customers in real time, reducing risk and delays on construction sites
  • Easy Track Survey has reduced costs, increased customer loyalty and been able to expand its business into more of Ireland
Erfolgsgeschichte: Easy Track Survey


Easy Track Survey, an Irish supplier of geospatial equipment to the construction industry spent too much time on the road visiting customers for training and troubleshooting issues. By deploying TeamViewer Remote more customers can be supported remotely saving significant time and money in commuting.


Easy Track Survey is one of the leading suppliers of Construction and Survey equipment to the Irish market. In addition to supplying geospatial equipment the company provides support and training as needed.

The equipment and software used on-site is highly complex and often requires trained technicians to deal with maintenance – a task nearly impossible via phone support. In the past, there was no ‘quick fix’ for customers, thus Easy Track Survey technicians spent considerable time travelling between construction sites to remedy any issue.


To solve the issue of physical distance and complex maintenance, Easy Track Survey started its search for a viable remote access solution that could help support the on-site workers to operate the digital geospatial surveying equipment on the ground while solving any issues in an instant.

Using TeamViewer, the company’s technicians are now able to:

  • Support customers at any time, at any location regardless of the issue at hand
  • Remotely access customer’s devices: Easy Track Survey technicians can get full visibility into the surveying software’s status and performance and help customers troubleshoot and resolve any issues in real-time
  • Cut scheduling efforts, travel costs, and commuting time

Not only is Easy Track Survey able to support customers quicker, which in the construction industry is critical to mitigate risk and delays, but it allows the company to scale its business by being able to support more customers in less time.

Conor O’Meara Technischer Support-Ingenieur bei Easy Track Survey

„Ohne TeamViewer wären wir aufgeschmissen, denn der Tag hätte nicht genug Stunden, um allen Kunden Support zu bieten. Dank TeamViewer können wir bei Problemen mit der Gerätesoftware aus der Ferne helfen. Dies sorgt für schnelle Lösungen, steigert die Effizienz vor Ort und erlaubt unseren Kunden, sich auf die jeweilig anstehende Arbeit zu konzentrieren, ganz gleich, vor welchen Herausforderungen sie stehen.“