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Access computers and devices from anywhere

We provide secure and stable remote access to PCs, smartphones, servers, payment terminals, and IoT devices — anytime, anywhere.

Protecting your data and privacy is our top priority. In addition to IT security, what matters most in remote access software is high compatibility with different platforms and operating systems as well as fast, stable connections worldwide.

Remote access to data and applications from anywhere

Is your presentation still on the office PC, but you’re already on the way to the customer? Use TeamViewer to access PCs, files, and applications anytime and from anywhere, even on the road and from your smartphone.

  • Remotely access all files and applications, from anywhere and at any time
  • Connect from any computer or smartphone
  • Transmit sensitive data securely thanks to end-to-end encryption

Control of commercially used equipment, at any time

Digital dashboards, payment terminals, kiosk systems: everyone sees and uses such devices every day, but how are they managed and maintained? With TeamViewer, you can accomplish it securely and efficiently all remotely — anytime and from anywhere.

  • Remotely access unattended devices via a secure connection
  • Remotely maintain Android-based commercial devices, e.g. information displays
  • Your device is not supported yet? TeamViewer loves cooperation with OEMs

Switching industry and production to smart

Monitor and control machines, plants, and processes remotely. TeamViewer is the secure platform for smart remote access in an industrial context — whether it’s a robot arm or a wind turbine.

  • Easily connect, analyse, and remotely control closed systems and individual devices
  • Improve productivity through predictive maintenance and predictive monitoring
  • MVP approach: start with one machine and scale up to the smart factory as needed
  • Universal

    Server access made easy

    No screen? No problem! TeamViewer also allows you secure remote access to headless devices, e.g. servers.

    Best Android support

    Remotely access all Android devices regardless of the manufacturer, including professional displays or terminals based on Android.

    Control machines and systems

    We are the industry’s partner for remote secure analysis, control, and maintenance of machines and equipment.

  • High performance

    Smooth operation

    Fast set-up time, high transmission speeds, and superior picture quality ensure a first-class user experience.

    Fast, thanks to compression

    The TeamViewer platform enables secure and fast file transfer. Thanks to compression, even large files are no problem.

    Best possible transmission quality

    Even in environments with low internet bandwidth, we offer stable connections and the best possible transmission quality.

  • Secure

    Best encryption

    All TeamViewer connections are end-to-end encrypted meaning no one can see the content of the connections, not even us.

    Full control over the devices you entrust

    Each device you use to log into your TeamViewer account must be authorized via email.

    Certified safety

    All TeamViewer data centers are ISO-27001 certified, the international standard for information security.

For large companies

TeamViewer Tensor

TeamViewer Tensor is your 360° cloud-based remote connectivity solution for all PCs, phones, headless devices, OT machinery, and embedded platforms in your enterprise — both on-site and across the globe.

Feature highlights

  • Access control

    Control TeamViewer access rights company-wide with conditional access (requires Tensor license).

  • VPN alternative

    Configuring a VPN can be time-consuming — with TeamViewer you can immediately hit the ground running.

  • Wake-on-LAN

    Wake up and restart devices in sleep mode via remote connection.

  • OEM support

    Remotely control and maintain commercially used equipment.

  • TeamViewer integrations

    Integrate TeamViewer with your key business applications.

  • Centrally rolled out in minutes

    Deploy TeamViewer on hundreds or thousands of devices at once.