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Smart Glasses with Individual Prescription

Making smart glasses accessible to all your employees — company wide.

The first single source offering for smart glasses with prescription lenses
The demand for digital solutions to safeguard manual work processes, reduce errors and increase productivity is omnipresent. Smart glasses make a particular contribution to this. However, in the past the widespread use has faced a major barrier: employees that needed prescription lenses could most of the time only partially participate in enterprise AR rollouts with smart glasses – or had to accept suboptimal workarounds.

Due to the partnership between TeamViewer and Fielmann this is about to change. With our exclusive offering, the last barrier for smart glasses at an enterprise scale is a thing of the past. We enable enterprise AR for everyone through smart glasses in combination with prescription lenses, so that all employees can benefit from its advantages. This is the only offering on the market where long-term augmented reality experience and ophthalmic expertise are bundled into a single source offering.
Together with Fielmann, we are creating an unprecedented range and unique service from a single source.

Dr. Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer TeamViewer

We offer corporate customers individual solutions for smart glasses with prescription lenses in 900 locations across 16 countries.

Marc Fielmann, Chief Executive Officer Fielmann AG

Benefits for your enterprise
  • One-Stop-Shop – With the cooperation between TeamViewer and Fielmann, you get software, hardware, and service from a single source.
  • Comprehensive digitalization – By enabling all employees to use smart glasses, “digital losers” are avoided. This way efficiency potentials are tapped holistically.
  • Easy-to-scale – TeamViewer’s and Fielmann’s extensive experience with enterprise customers makes them trusted partners for big-scale projects.

The process for providing smart glasses with prescription lenses is simple, fast, and flexible.



Get in touch with your TeamViewer contact person for an individual offer.



Eyesight measurement of employees in a Fielmann branch or at your site.



Shipping of smart glasses with prescription lenses in guaranteed Fielmann quality directly to you, as well as Fielmann after-sales service.

How the solution reaches your enterprise
The international Fielmann branch network serves as a personal point of contact and offers digital and location-independent measurement processes. Fielmann also takes care of all the logistics – end-to-end, so that the finished spectacle model arrives at your premises with no additional effort.

Throughout your enterprise AR rollout, TeamViewer’s dedicated teams assist you with the deployment of our smart glasses solutions and offer you all the support you need at any time.

Whereas you previously had to resort to creative methods to give employees with visual impairments access to smart glass solutions, the cooperation between TeamViewer and Fielmann provides a remedy with an uncomplicated and cost-effective approach.

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