Vision Picking for Logistics and Warehousing

What is TeamViewer Frontline xPick?

xPick is a patented and award-winning ”pick-by-vision“ solution. It supports manual order picking, incoming, outgoing, and sorting of goods, inventory control, sequencing, and many more processes in logistics and warehousing.

Digitize Logistics Processes with Vision Picking

Manual logistics processes still dominate in many companies. The TeamViewer Frontline solution xPick addresses this critical link and aims at a profitable use of wearables in many logistics processes:

  • Manual Order Picking
  • Packing & Sorting Goods
  • Sequencing & Kitting
  • Incoming & Outgoing Goods
  • Inventory Control
  • Replenishment & Putaway

Higher Speed and Less Errors with Industrial Augmented Reality

xPick in combination with Smart Glasses enables you to perform logistics processes hands-free, increasing your speed, and minimizing errors. You can achieve this with optional components, for example for weight control, barcode scans, localization, or operation by voice command. Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface, user acceptance is very high. xPick offers you extensive individual customization options and is, apart from Wi-Fi, not dependent on other technologies.

A Visual, Easy-To-Use AR Tool for Your Warehouse

In combination with smart glasses, xPick enables the digital presentation of information, instructions, and process documentation. xPick is based on a user interface that is adapted to the specific logistics scenario and allows a quick and error-free adoption of the necessary workflows by the employees. By displaying the information on the smart glasses, frontline workers always have both hands free for their actual task.

Wearables and Industrial AR – a Winning Combination

Barcode and RFID scanners that can be worn as a ring or wristband provide additional support for logistics processes. In the case of hard-to-reach picking or depositing locations, scanners offer a significant increase in comfort and efficiency compared to smart glasses cameras. This is clearly illustrated by the example of a storage location that is only just above the ground or at a great height.

An optimal combination is the connection with the xBand. The multi-sensor wristband enables completely intuitive order confirmation thanks to RFID when reaching into the storage or removal box.

Your Advantages

Higher Speed

Higher Speed

  • Hands-free work
  • Relevant information in view
  • Quick ramp-up and scaling
Fewer Errors

Fewer Errors

  • Graphical instructions
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Sensor control
Greater Flexibility

Greater Flexibility

  • Fully mobile
  • User adaptable
  • Device-agnostic

Ergonomic Working in Logistics with Vision Picking

The user-specific interface of xPick offers personalized handling, for example by taking into account different languages or qualification levels. The simple operation does not require extensive training and is therefore optimally suited for a wide range of working environments. With external scanners, barcodes can be scanned easily and quickly without impairing the actual work process by bending or stretching deeply, which enhances ergonomics.

Take the first step and find out how xPick can improve your processes.

xPick in Enterprise Deployment

Learn from our customers who deployed xPick successfully in their enterprises.

Case Study: Precise Vision Picking at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
Coca-Cola HBC aims for 100% accuracy using TeamViewer Frontline’s vision picking solution xPick.
Case study: Digitizing Order Picking Processes at Siemens
The hands-free, voice-controlled smart glasses enable a smoother overall process.
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