TeamViewer Pilot Leads App Innovation with New Google ARCore Depth API

June 25, 2020

TeamViewer Pilot is using the Google ARCore Depth API to make its AR support solution much more helpful and accurate for its users worldwide.

TeamViewer Pilot builds upon the latest Google ARCore to make its augmented reality (AR) experience more immersive in order to provide more precise visual support and reduce resolution times.

TeamViewer Pilot allows subject matter experts to see what users see through their smartphones or tablets and uses augmented reality to enhance remote assistance. The expert can see through the user’s smartphone camera to instruct and guide them by adding 3D annotations that “stick” to the physical objects.

What’s New

The Depth API provides a better 3D understanding of a given scene through a real-time representation of the distance between physical objects in the camera’s view, allowing AR annotations to be placed more often and much more precisely.

With this new TeamViewer Pilot functionality, it is possible to even re-position placed arrows with direct visual feedback.

It also adds another important enhancement – occlusion, a hard-to-achieve milestone for augmented reality that enables realistic blend-ins between physical and AR objects and enhances the immersive user experience. For example, in the case of TeamViewer Pilot, the expert can place an arrow on one side of an object. If the user then moves to the other side, the arrow will be shown half transparent.

What It Means

“Integrating ARCore Depth API into TeamViewer Pilot enables us to offer our users a better understanding of the real world with even more accurate 3D annotations,” says Andreas Haizmann, director of product management at TeamViewer. “When our customers use TeamViewer Pilot in industrial, commercial and even home settings, it is very important that the 3D annotations precisely stick to the physical object to minimize mistakes and avoid human error.”

“When you’re providing remote support, you need to be able to make annotations with pinpoint accuracy in the 3D world,” says Rajat Paharia, Product Manager at Google. “TeamViewer is using the ARCore Depth API to make its AR support solution – TeamViewer Pilot – much more helpful and accurate for its users worldwide.”

Customers around the world use Pilot for remotely assisting their peers in various use-cases ranging from servicing of machines and tools remotely – sometimes in harsh, remote environments – to providing after-sales training to end-users. This advancement further demonstrates TeamViewer’s commitment to developing Pilot as an indispensable support tool with infinite use cases, limited only by the user’s imagination.

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