What makes TeamViewer the best solution to remotely access software, files, and other resources?

TeamViewer’s functionality allows you remote access to computer and network resources, no matter where you are. Remote access ensures that you will always have access to the devices you need, when you need them. Whether you want to perform IT maintenance or retrieve files, you can access devices remotely while working from home. However, TeamViewer is much more than a remote access software. The software encompasses a wide range of features – including video conferencing and Wake-on-LAN – that are seamlessly integrated with each other to create a complete solution. With TeamViewer you can initiate meetings and access remote devices without ever having to switch applications. This is what truly sets it apart from other available remote software.

What are the unique benefits of using TeamViewer to access resources remotely?

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Instant Access to Files

If you are working from home or are away on business, you can use TeamViewer to access important files or software on your office computer as if you were working on it locally. Remote access makes the transition between working in the office to a remote location completely seamless.

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Seamlessly Share Resources

TeamViewer is a superior VPN alternative for remote teams to use in order to access shared resources. Colleagues can collaborate on projects as if they were in the office together. Even use remote access to connect to a common device or network directly, and thereby avoid sending work documents back and forth.

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TeamViewer is fully cross-compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OX, as well as Android. Consequently, you can remotely access computers running entirely different operating systems, including from your mobile device.

How can I use remote access with TeamViewer for more efficient IT maintenance?

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TeamViewer equips IT administrators and support staff with powerful tools to make monitoring and maintaining IT resources simple, so that problems can be resolved quickly and conveniently. Staff can use remote access to perform these tasks on the company’s computing and server assets in different locations, without being there in person. This means you can eliminate unnecessary travelling, or work from your remote device while you’re out of the office, therefore increasing your productivity. Furthermore, the unattended remote access feature means you can even maintain unattended devices whenever it's most convenient.

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For ultimate ease of use, TeamViewer requires no configuration so remote access can be made within your web browser. The Management Console displays an overview of your devices and allows you to manage and configure specific settings for each machine you manage. You can also assign policies to ensure that the correct configurations are used on each device. This is ideal for administrators who need to monitor a wide network and maintain machines remotely.

How can I be sure that using TeamViewer's remote access is secure?

TeamViewer implements industry-leading security standards across every part of its functionality, ensuring a highly secure remote access experience. When enabling remote access on devices and networks, the concern of connection security is only natural. With TeamViewer, you can ensure that only authorised personnel have access to specific devices and resources. Two-factor authentication, for instance, protects your TeamViewer account from hackers. A unique authentication code is generated by Duo, a secondary security app on your mobile device. In addition, you can determine who is authorised to remotely access specific resources via the trusted devices and black and white list functions. With these layers of security, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is well protected.

How can I test TeamViewer for functionality?

Testing TeamViewer’s functionality is a straightforward process. Simply download TeamViewer and start a free trial without any obligations. Should you decide TeamViewer aligns with your remote access needs, you can purchase a license with a 7-day money back guarantee.

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