For your deployment, you will need to create a customized version of TeamViewer (=custom module).

You can do this directly from the Management Console under Design & Deploy.

By creating your custom module, you will get two essential values:

  • the CUSTOMID will trigger the module's customization.
  • the APITOKEN will trigger the account assignment.

💡 Hint: Keep both values safe. We will be using them in the following article.

This article applies to Corporate and Tensor license holders who want to deploy TeamViewer (14 or newer) on their Windows devices.

Recommended Setup

🚨 Important note: Before creating a module, please make sure you have created a Master TeamViewer account. We recommend creating modules exclusively from a Master account.

Background information: Custom modules are bound to one owner. This owner is defined by the account that created the module.

Example: User A creates Custom Module 1.

  • Once User A leaves the company, no one can manage Custom Module 1, as the account of User A is disabled and not accessible to others.

This is why we recommend using a Master Account that is not bound to a specific person.

For more information about the use of a Master account, please check the following article:

📄 Use a Master Account for your company profile

How to create your custom TeamViewer module

To create your custom module, please follow the instructions below:

📌Note: We will create a custom TeamViewer Host in the example below.

  1. Log in to your Management Console and click the Design & Deploy menu.
  2. Now click the + icon (Add custom module button) and select Host
  3. Customize the module's appearance, select the TeamViewer policy you want to apply to your module, tick the box Allow account assignment, and click Save.
  4. The CUSTOMCONFIGID and the APITOKEN will appear. Confirm by clicking OK.
  5. The module you have just created will appear in your modules list.

📌Note: If the Allow account assignment box is

  • ticked - no pop-up will appear to confirm the account assignment at the end of the installation.
  • unticked - a pop-up will appear to confirm the account assignment at the end of the installation.