TeamViewer's Mobile Device Management (MDM) service provides you with complete control over the management of the mobile devices in your company. TeamViewer MDM's remote connectivity takes this even further, providing the ability to use the Android Host app and automatically connect to any managed device directly from the MDM portal.

This article applies to all TeamViewer MDM customers

First steps

Prior to setting up remote connectivity, Android Enterprise must first set up. If you have not yet set this up, you will have an opportunity to do this during the setup process.

📌Note: This requires a Google admin account.

How to set up remote connectivity

Remote connectivity can be set up in TeamViewer Remote or the web app. Navigate to the Remote Management tab and scroll down to Mobile Device Management. Select Settings.


Once in the settings, click Configure to the right of remote connectivity. This will begin the walkthrough wizard.

The first screen will inform you of the required Android Enterprise configuration.. If you have not yet set this up, select the link in the window (highlighted) to be taken to Google, where you will configure the account.

📌Note: If Android Enterprise was already set up then the above window will not appear. Instead, the current rollout configuration will appear in its place.

By default, the next screen will automatically create a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) rollout configuration. You can use this, or one previously set up. Select the desired configuration from the drop-down and click Continue.

This begins the process of the rollout to your Android devices. Please note that it can take a little time before devices are available.

Once completed, you will receive a notification indicating the configuration is successful. Once this is received, your devices are ready to be connected to!

How to connect to a device using remote connectivity

All available Android MDM devices will appear in TeamViewer Remote or the web app on the Devices tab, under All managed devices.

Connecting to a device is as easy as always, only requiring a few steps:

  1. Navigate to Devices ➜ All managed devices in TeamViewer Remote or the web app.
  2. Select the desired device you wish to connect to
  3. Click Connect to instantly access the device

How to disable remote connectivity

Disabling remote connectivity removes the ability to connect to the devices via the TeamViewer Host app. To disable remote connectivity:

  1. Navigate to the Remote Management tab and scroll down to Mobile Device Management. Select Settings.
  2. Select Configure to the right of Remote sessions.
  3. Select No rollout configuration.

Once saved, remote connectivity will be disabled.