May 18, 2022

8 ways to create an exciting customer engagement strategy

  • Connect and support people
  • Every year, companies invest a lot of time, money, and energy in their marketing strategies: Hosting events, being active on social media and trying to give their customers the best experience possible. With all this effort, it’s no wonder you want to keep the customers you have acquired.

    To make that happen, you should keep an eye on overall customer engagement. This includes all aspects of interaction, brand presentation and ultimately also what customers feel and think about your company. Of course, increasing customer engagement requires some effort – but it is definitely worth it eventually.

    What is a customer engagement strategy?

    To explain customer engagement strategy, it’s first important to understand customer retention itself: If you want to retain your customers, you have to undergo a complex process consisting of numerous interactions. You can use a variety of channels to nurture this relationship. However, it is critical that this process is not focused on revenue generation, but on value creation.

    Customer engagement strategies are, in turn, a tool for organized interaction and include different activities that you integrate into a single plan. Using this plan, it should be possible to provide the ultimate customer experience. What exactly this strategy should look like depends on whom you want to target. That’s why B2C and B2B customer engagement strategies can differ a lot.

    Customer engagement marketing

    A customer engagement marketing strategy is a sort of blueprint to get your customers to engage with your business. That’s why customer engagement marketing strategy is based on personalized messages across different channels.

    Why is customer engagement marketing so important?

    Customer engagement ideas and strategies are a key aspect of your business – regardless of its size. Targeted marketing helps you ensure that your engaged customers contribute profitably to your business:

    • By providing customized and excellent service, you personalize the experience and improve your customers’ loyalty.
    • It helps you increase your sales.
    • With well-planned customer engagement strategies, you create a competitive advantage. That’s because you provide a consistent customer experience and differentiate yourself from other vendors.

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    E-commerce and customer engagement

    In the digital age, customer engagement ideas and strategies are more important than ever. Especially, customer engagement strategies in e-commerce need to be well thought out. Such an online customer engagement strategy requires that you communicate your core message effectively. This is the foundation for all efforts to increase customer engagement.

    At first glance, this may seem contradictory – after all, many brands focus exclusively on the needs of the customer. Of course, these needs are also critical for effective client engagement techniques, but first you need to be clear about your position. Based on this, you can then build your online customer engagement strategy.

    By the way: In e-commerce, there is always one central question: How to engage customers? Once you have decided on the right client engagement strategies, modern tools can help you. A good example of this is the software solution TeamViewer Engage, which supports you in your customer engagement strategy.

    Develop an effective digital customer engagement strategy

    To develop successful customer engagement strategies in e-commerce, it makes sense to use a template. Such a template gives you important clues for your B2C or B2B customer engagement strategies. If you ask yourself how to engage customers, the following checklist will help you define your best customer engagement strategies:

    1. Do you have consistent customer engagement across all relevant channels?
    2. Do you automate your customer engagement with chatbots?
    3. Are you providing opportunities for real-time engagement?
    4. Are you using live customer engagement with co-browsing, such as TeamViewer Engage?
    5. Do you offer personalized video chat conversations or live chat to improve customer engagement?
    6. Do you ask for regular customer feedback to continuously improve?
    7. Are you creating targeted client engagement activities in the form of loyalty programs?
    8. Are you measuring your user engagement metrics?

    These first steps are a good guide when starting to build a customer engagement strategy. All these aspects play an influential role if you want to implement the best customer engagement and retention strategy. Besides that, the following aspect should also be considered.

    1. Invest in human resources

    The key to a satisfied customer base is always a satisfied customer service team because even the best customer engagement strategy won’t work if your employees seem overworked and rushed. That’s why the path of your customer engagement journey always starts with a team you can trust.

    However, it’s not enough for an efficient customer engagement strategy to simply provide additional staff. Ideally, your employees have the right tools and benefit from regular training. A well-supervised team performs well. Using clever software solutions like TeamViewer’s Engage, you will be able to provide an excellent and outstanding service to your clients.

    2. Know your audience

    For your customer engagement and retention strategies to succeed, you need to know your target audience. Depending on the people you want to target, the customer engagement strategy can look extremely diverse. This is why there is no standard template for a successful customer engagement strategy.

    A good start for effective client engagement techniques is to map the customer journey. Doing so, you include all the important touchpoints, bottlenecks, and challenges that your customers might encounter, so you can learn more about your customers’ needs and behaviours and identify potential engagement opportunities.

    3. Personalize your services

    One of the most popular strategies for developing customer loyalty is personalization. This approach makes perfect sense. After all, customers want products and services that are just right for them more than anything else. Again, there are numerous ways you can offer personalized services. Some choose to use first names, while others offer hyper-relevant services. It’s best to pick an approach that fits you and your business.

    4. We shop with our eyes: Implement visual engagement tools

    Visual engagement tools are becoming increasingly relevant for customer engagement. They are visual tools that allow you to create a more human experience. Co-browsing and video chat are the most common tools. Both allow you to respond and help your customers in real time. If you’re looking for a professional software solution, you can integrate TeamViewer’s Engage into your everyday business.

    5. Be present: on relevant social media channels

    Social media platforms are an excellent tool for an effective customer engagement strategy. Here you can present your products and services. At the same time, they help you to reach entirely new target groups. However, it is easy to get lost on the many platforms. Therefore, always consider social media from the point of view of your customers and only choose the relevant ones.

    6. Loyalty pays off: Offer the right incentives – for long-term customer loyalty

    Offering rewards is still a great way to increase your client engagement activities. After all, customers who feel picked up are loyal to companies. That’s why it’s not only worth motivating new customers to buy, but also rewarding existing customers. In addition to the usual reward points, you can also opt for targeted invitations or special events.

    7. Focus on personal customer contact

    Personal customer contact has a special significance in the digital age. Nevertheless, it is important that the processes behind it are designed to be efficient and pleasant. This makes everyday life easier for your employees and allows them to focus on what’s really indispensable: your customers. Replacing the support ticket with a face-to-face conversation can raise your customer loyalty to a new level. By the way, live chat also helps you create that personal relationship.

    8. Install a chatbot: for a better, automated user experience

    An AI-powered chatbot makes your life and your customer engagement strategy immensely easier. It analyses data, can talk to customers and select products. This makes it one of the smarter customer engagement strategies. The essential thing is that these chatbots always act based on the customer’s needs.