With TeamViewer, incoming and outgoing connections from users within your company and to your managed devices can be logged in the TeamViewer Remote Admin settings. 

This article applies to users with Premium, Corporate, or Tensor licenses.

Accessing connection reports

To access connection reports, follow these steps: 

  1. Open up the Admin settings from the main toolbar of the Desktop or Web app.  
  2. Navigate to the Connection reports section. 
  3. There, you can view reports based on Outgoing or incoming connections.

Outgoing connections

Outgoing connections are logged for users only if this function is enabled in the TeamViewer account of the user (enabled by default) and if they are logged into their TeamViewer account when establishing a connection. 

In Remote, outgoing connections are reported for ID, password, and session code connections.

Filters can be used in both reporting functions to change the search parameter by expert, group, customer device, session type, billing, or date range, depending on the license. 

Incoming connections

Incoming connections are logged for devices, but the devices would need to be assigned to the administrator account of your company profile, and the policy report connections to this device would need to be applied to all devices for which connection reports are needed. 

Set up reports for incoming connections

The reports for incoming connections or device reports are part of the TeamViewer setting policies. If you add this setting to a policy, every device assigned to this policy will be affected by this change. The policies are managed in the TeamViewer Remote Admin settings 

Set up a settings policy for device reports

📌Note: Device access reporting is only available with a TeamViewer Corporate or Tensor license plan. Please check the full comparison of the different TeamViewer plans on our website to see which features are available for your plan. 

  1. Open the TeamViewer Remote full client or web app.
  2. Log in with your TeamViewer account.
  3. Go to Admin settings from the main toolbar. 
    • 📌Note: You must approve devices, apps, and web browsers you’ve never used with your TeamViewer account at the first login. 
  4. Under the Device Management section, you will find Policies
  5. Select an existing policy or click Add policy.
  6. When setting up a new policy, first give it a name and select the product to select the policy. Then, add settings and search for Report connections to this device
  7. Click Add
  8. Be sure to set the Enable and Enforce parameters according to your preferences.
  9. Click Save

🚨Caution: When updating a policy applied to a device group with the report connections to this device setting, it is necessary to ensure the policy is also applied to each device within the group. To do so, select each device, select Edit from the header bar options, select Edit policies, and then, under the option ‘Inherit policy from group’, select the updated policy containing the Report Connections to this Device setting.  

This enables an Administrator to have a detailed report of who connects to devices assigned to their account once the connection has ended.

Depending on the license, filters can be used in both reporting functions to change the search parameter by User, Origin ID, Target device, group, or Date range. 

In addition, the reports can be printed directly from the Admin settings or exported to a CSV file for use with different reporting applications.