Jul 19, 2023

TeamViewer unlocks crucial data access for Manchester United coaches and analysts during US pre-season tour

Goppingen, July 19th, 2023 – TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, announced that Manchester United – one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world and currently on preseason tour in the US – has deployed TeamViewer Tensor to facilitate enterprise-grade connectivity between coaches and analysts. This way, Manchester United ensures continuous access to critical information at home and during away games.

To always be on top of their game, the Manchester United analyst and coaching teams leverage data from previous matches for performance analysis of gameplay, including videos of players’ ball contacts, information on running distances, strategy, position play, duels and more. The lack of a comprehensive solution for securely accessing and sharing large files like raw videos and data assets while traveling was forcing the team to spend significant time saving, uploading and storing files at different locations or on external drives.

With TeamViewer Tensor, the team can quickly and securely access files on their Manchester-based servers from anywhere in the world. Remote access has removed the uncertainty the analysts often had about accessing their training materials when the team were traveling or playing an away match. Tensor is also helping the team to remotely manage and change content on the video wall displays in the players’ gym, enabling the coaching team to highlight specific content they’d like the players to focus on during gym sessions.

“With so much to consider and prepare before a match, we need quick, reliable and secure access to the right training materials and videos. Easy access to our full suite of training materials when we’re traveling gives us more time to focus on strategy for the match,” said Paul Brand, Head of 1st Team Analysis at Manchester United.

“TeamViewer is familiar with enabling quick, reliable and secure connectivity for the world’s most elite teams, where seconds matter and an intuitive interface is paramount. Our enterprise remote connectivity platform, Tensor, provides Manchester United analysts and coaches with the certainty and performance that is mandatory when operating at the top of their game. We’re proud to support the entire team as they leverage technology to help each player perform at their best,” said Peter Turner, Chief Commercial Officer at TeamViewer.

Manchester United’s coaching staff can leverage Tensor to access a huge variety of videos and other intelligence to prepare, motivate and coach the team through each match. Further, every player has easy access to team assets from their smartphone or tablet while on the go. To ensure security, the solution is linked to the Manchester United Active Directory and each team member must login via their unique credentials. With the intuitive interface, the technology partnership has ensured that players and staff with varying levels of digital experience can use the solution efficiently.

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