IT Support

Solve any IT Problem Remotely

The success of many companies depends on smoothly functioning IT systems. With TeamViewer as your support platform, you can offer your customers and employees the best support at any time and from anywhere: Secure. Compatible. Powerful.

IT Support for Employees, Partners and Customers

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Hardware errors, bugs in operating systems or the failure of entire infrastructures: your customers, partners and employees are always dependent on fast, straightforward IT support. With TeamViewer, you can support users immediately from a distance – without travel or complicated set-up.

  • Ad-hoc support for customers and employees, even without software installation
  • Waking up, rebooting and updating devices remotely
  • Invite multiple support staff to an ongoing remote session

Support Suite for IT Service Providers

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IT service provider customers expect fast expert support and smooth IT operations around the clock. With TeamViewer as your support and remote management solution, you manage devices, systems and services from a central dashboard.

  • Your own branding on support applications in end-user use
  • Dynamic management of service cases and forwarding of automatic assignments to your team
  • Clear connection logs as a basis for invoicing

Maintaining iOS and Android Devices Remotely

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Remote support for iOS and Android users: We support mobile devices from all major manufacturers and allow you to remotely control payment terminals, digital dashboards or other Android-based commercial devices (add-on required).

  • Establish mobile-to-mobile connections and provide support on the move
  • Chat with users, remotely control processes on a target device or take screenshots
  • Screen sharing for iPhones and iPads

What IT Support is All About

Good IT support shouldn’t be taken for granted. Besides meeting service levels, a lot depends on the right software. Security, compatibility, performance and user-friendliness are crucial when choosing a solution. With us, you not only gain the fundamentals, but also additional features and functions in IT support.


ID and Password

Securely connect to any device. You just need the TeamViewer ID and a randomly generated password from the user.


All TeamViewer connections are end-to-end encrypted. No one who shouldn’t can see the content of the connections, not even us.

Granular Rights Management

Use TeamViewer’s conditional access to control access rights to devices across your entire organization (requires Tensor license).


Best OEM Support

Benefit from remote access to any Android device, regardless of the manufacturer, as well as screen sharing for iPhones and iPads.

Support for Chrome OS

Support users of Chromebooks – for example in the educational sector – quickly and easily with TeamViewer.

Headless Devices

No screen? No problem! TeamViewer also allows you secure remote access to “headless” devices, for example servers.


Fast File Transfer

The TeamViewer platform enables secure and fast file transfer. Thanks to compression capabilities, even large files are no problem.

Stable Connections

Even in environments with low Internet bandwidth, we offer stable connections and the best possible transmission quality.

First-Class User Experience

Fast connection set-up, high transmission speeds and superior picture quality ensure a first-class user experience.

Info Sheet: TeamViewer Tensor
Now large enterprises only need a single platform for IT support, IT management and IoT.
IT Support with TeamViewer Feature Highlights
The Control Centre

The Control Centre

The Management Console is the web-based control centre of your TeamViewer account.

TeamViewer Integrations

TeamViewer Integrations

Integrate TeamViewer with your key business applications.

Central Roll Out in Minutes

Central Roll Out in Minutes

Deploy TeamViewer on hundreds or thousands of devices at once.

Unsupervised Remote Access

Unsupervised Remote Access

Set up permanent access and connect to devices remotely at any time.

Screen Sharing for iPhones

Screen Sharing for iPhones

Share screen content from iPhones and iPads live with IT support.

Solving Problems Together

Solving Problems Together

With multi-user support, you can invite partners or experts to an ongoing remote session.

Customer Success Story: Philips
B2B division uses TeamViewer for remote maintenance of advertising and information systems.
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