Why Your Customers Will Love Having an SOS Button

January 21, 2016
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Would your customers appreciate only ever being a click away from your remote IT support services? You’ve told us that giving customers the best possible experience is one of your top priorities, which is why you and your customers will love the SOS Button.

Top customer service in remote support involves the customer having to complete the fewest steps, and wait the least amount of time possible before you connect and solve their issue.

To help you provide unbeatable service, you asked us to provide an SOS Button because your customers:

  • May not be so tech savvy, meaning extra steps are stressful
  • Are in a hurry to get on with their day and don’t want to be held up by the need to download anything
  • Appreciate the peace of mind brought by always having the possibility of tech support at their fingertips

The SOS Button can be ‘left behind’ on your customer’s computer at the beginning of a QuickSupport session.

After that, the customer will not need to download the latest version of your QuickSupport module as the SOS Button is kept up to date.

Both you and your customer will save time, and the customer can request help with just one click.

Meaning you can concentrate on the most important thing – supporting your customers.

Easy to set up

We’ve made sure that setting up SOS Buttons is a simple, easy process. To do so, firstly, create a custom TeamViewer QuickSupport module in the Management Console, or edit one of your existing ones.

The SOS button is available when using the service queue, so be sure to select “Automatically add users to a group in your Contacts list”.

Underneath that tick box you now have the option to select “Automatically create SOS Button”.

QuickSupport Screenshot

How it works

To run the first session with your customer, you’ll need them to download and run your custom QuickSupport module. Once the remote session starts, your QuickSupport module will automatically leave behind the SOS Button on your customer’s desktop.

Next time your customer needs help all they need to do is to click the SOS Button, which will run the always up to date QuickSupport module.

Your customer can let you know that they are in need of help just by clicking the “Request support” button in the QuickSupport.

The request for support will automatically appear in your service queue. You can now take the lead and connect to your customer’s computer.


Key takeaways

  • Give your customer the best support experience by making it as easy as possible to call for help whenever they need it
  • You can name the SOS Button after your company name, so that you will always have a presence on your customer’s desktop, and they will know you’re just a click away. Just change your QuickSupport title in the custom module.
  • The QuickSupport module is always up to date. You can also make changes in your custom module in the Management Console. The changes are automatically updated to reflect your latest customizations.

Watch the video below to find out more about the SOS Button, and try it for yourself, today.

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