15 kwi 2024

Up to speed with TeamViewer: What’s new in spring 2024

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  • Buckle up — it’s time to rev up your digital engine and get up to speed with TeamViewer’s latest product updates. Cruise through the most exciting new products and features, including our app for Apple Vision Pro, new Asset Management, and more. 

    Ready? Let’s get rolling.

    Step into the future with TeamViewer Spatial Support for Apple Vision Pro

    Troubleshoot complex machinery from your desk with immersive visual guidance on Apple Vision Pro. Precise spatial computing takes remote support to a new level

    With Spatial Support for Apple Vision Pro, you can:

    • Create and view shared 3D models in real time

    • Guide on-site staff through solving issues with interactive augmented reality (AR) features

    • Transfer knowledge through live remote guidance

    Keep tabs on your IT inventory with the new Asset Management

    Get full visibility of your IT with the new TeamViewer Asset Management, powered by Lansweeper. Automated discovery, management, and maintenance help you overcome change and complexity.

    With Asset Management, you can:

    • Get visibility of all devices, software, and IoT assets in your network

    • Enhance security by detecting hidden devices and patching software vulnerabilities  

    • Boost efficiency with automated asset reporting

    Have your devices always within reach with the new web app

    Connect to any device, even if you don’t have TeamViewer installed. Use the web app to start a remote session right from your browser.

    With the new web app, you can:

    • Access your devices from any type of operating system 

    • Use all your favorite features without downloading the app

    • Multitask by running parallel sessions in multiple browser tabs

    Simplify your support by managing tickets with TeamViewer Service Desk

    Manage incoming support requests, connect to devices, and automate repetitive admin tasks, all in one place. 

    With Service Desk, you can:

    • Save time by managing, assigning, and addressing support requests from a single dashboard

    • Focus on what’s important and automate repetitive steps like assigning tickets 

    • Make data-driven decisions with access to live support metrics

    Dive right into AR remote support with TeamViewer and Almer Arc

    Start with AR technology and boost your efficiency straight away. Get Almer Arc smart glasses with TeamViewer remote support software already installed. 

    With the TeamViewer and Almer bundle, you can:

    • Equip your experts with the latest wearable AR technology at no upfront cost

    • Avoid travel and save money by troubleshooting remotely

    • Speed up your time to resolution with instant virtual guidance

    Boost remote work productivity with TeamViewer Virtual Monitor

    Work remotely using your full multi-monitor setup — no matter what kind of device you’re connected to.  

    With Virtual Monitor, you can:

    • Use all your monitors when connected to a remote device

    • Multitask efficiently with your apps on separate screens

    • Work remotely on diverse devices, even ones without a screen


    These are just some of our exciting new features — there are many more to come! We’re constantly improving and adding to our products to help you work smarter to achieve your goals. 

    To stay up to date, keep reading our blog, follow us on social media, or speak with your customer success manager.