Session Insights is an AI-powered feature, designed to allow you to generate concise summaries of TeamViewer support sessions performed by your company members.

This article applies to Corporate and Tensor customers who joined the closed beta. If you are interested in joining the beta program, please register via this link.

Benefits of Session Insights

Facilitates learning and continuous improvement from recent support cases, increasing productivity and efficiency in technical issue resolution.

Provides efficient documentation for faster support case reviews and handover, enhancing collaboration and saving time for support teams.

Offers a clear overview of services provided, ensuring compliance with requirements, proof of service, and increased customer satisfaction.

How to set up Session Insights

Step 1: Enable Intelligence Suite for your company

First, you need to enable the Intelligence Suite for your company.

To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in with your TeamViewer account via
  2. Click Admin settings.
  3. Enable the Intelligence Suite by clicking the toggle.

Step 2: Set up a policy setting for your devices

1) Now, you need to create a TeamViewer policy that includes the setting Report connections to this device.

  • If you already have a policy set up, edit the policy and add the setting Report connections to this device to it.
  • If you already have a policy set up with the setting Report connections to this device, edit it as explained in the next step.

2) Within the Report connections to this device policy setting, make sure to enable the policy, enable automatic session logging, and enforce the policy, so end users can't disable it.

3) Once you have set up the policy, assign the policy to the remote devices on which you want the interactions capturing to be active.

Please read the following article to learn how to create a TeamViewer policy and assign it to your devices.

🚨 Important note: Policies can only be assigned to managed devices. Learn more about how to manage devices here.

How to generate the summary of remote sessions

1) Sign in with your TeamViewer account via

2) Click Admin settings.

3) Click Incoming connections.

4) Once the session logs are available to be generated in the Session Log column, hover the mouse over it and click Generate summary.

💡Hint: Once you click Generate summary, a snack bar will inform you that the summary is being generated. It can take up to a few minutes to generate the summary, depending on the length of the session. To check the status, you can click Refresh page.

5) Once the session summary is ready, click the session summary name.

6) The session summary will be displayed on the right side of your screen.

7) Once you open the summary, you can:

  • Edit the summary
  • Generate a new summary
    • 📌Note: Generating a new summary will replace the initially generated summary. The initially generated summary cannot be restored.
  • Delete the summary

Known limitations

  • Session summaries can currently only be generated in English
  • Session summaries can only be generated for incoming connections
  • Session summaries can only be generated from the web app via
  • Session summaries can only be generated from the web app and with remote sessions that happened on Windows devices