Feature Spotlight Secure Unattended Access

The Access You Need Without an In-Person Visit

Need access to an unattended device? You don’t have to be there in-person or send a person to grant you access. You can securely access an unattended device with the appropriate permissions in one simple click.

With TeamViewer™, you never have to worry about your connection being compromised. Assign rights to all devices in the beginning so that the wrong person never gets access to devices they shouldn’t.

Feature Details & Supported Products

Unattended Access

Install TeamViewer Host to enable permanent access to unattended computers/servers, or access Android devices such as smartphones, point of sale devices, or public displays by using TeamViewer Host for Android.

Admins can roll out Host modules to as many devices as they’d like on their networks silently, without requiring an action to be taken by a user on the remote side.

Business Use Case

While the secure unattended access may be important for IT professionals, it can also be essential for professionals in global companies who travel around the world. Now they can log in to their office desktop from anywhere and access applications and important files from any device.

Android Host Eco Mode

With the Android Host Eco Mode, you can now deliver instant, always-on support while conserving battery and data usage on Android smartphones and tablets. The TeamViewer Host app’s default Eco Mode on Android smartphones and tablets puts the app into standby mode. Remote connections are initiated from your Computers & Contacts list in one click, which wakes up the app and starts a remote control connection.

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