Free for personal use. Always.

Help friends and loved ones solve their computer issues as if you were sitting right there with them.

Why People ❤️ TeamViewer for Personal Use

In a world where monthly expenses add up quickly, TeamViewer is free for personal use. This can’t be overstated. There are no fees, no time limits, and no subscriptions.

Simply download TeamViewer for personal use and start helping friends and loved ones with their computer or mobile device issues by connecting to their device and helping them as if you were there — even if you’re on separate continents.

Plus, you can log in to any remote devices of your own and take control of them or exchange files with them, even to and from mobile devices, so you’re never far away from the information you value most.

When you consider that TeamViewer is easy and free to use, is it any wonder that hundreds of millions of people have downloaded TeamViewer for personal use?

Here are just some of the things you can do with TeamViewer for free

Provide technical support to friends and family

Technology is great, but it’s not perfect. Often, friends and family need help connecting to a printer, eliminating malware, or using a social network.

TeamViewer allows you to connect to their device in real time with full video and audio to troubleshoot problems and get them back online quickly.

“My computer is running much faster now that my son was able to take a look at it, even though he’s in Canada.” – Mother from Thailand

Connect from one private device to another

Most people now use multiple devices, even in their personal lives. Often, you need to access files or use software on a device located across the house or across town.

Use your computer’s powerful software applications from your mobile device. Maintain your spot in a gaming queue while getting chores done around the house. Or access the movies and music on your home computer from anywhere.

“I need to edit that photo from the home desktop. I can download it to my laptop, even here at the coffee shop.” – Father from the Netherlands

Help friends and family learn technology

A lot of satisfaction comes from being able to share skills with others to help them grow. Technology offers plenty of opportunities to learn.

With TeamViewer, you can guide a family member through using a challenging piece of software or set up an unfamiliar device – all as if you were sitting side-by-side.

“Pedro is such a whiz when it comes to this graphics program. I’m glad he can help me over the internet.” – Artist from the United States

Connect with people in real time

Connecting with friends and family online is more important than ever, especially over video and chat. Whether the person is in the next town or around the world, you can share your experiences and thoughts with others.

TeamViewer is also a videoconferencing and chat platform that allows you to connect to the people who matter in real time.

“It’s great that I can check in on the kids over video when I’m traveling to visit family.” – Mother from Great Britain

Download TeamViewer now for free

Frequently Asked Questions

TeamViewer is free for personal use, which means any tasks within your personal life for which you are not being paid. Connections between personal devices at home or helping friends and family remotely qualify as personal use.

To learn more, see this article from the TeamViewer Community.

Commercial use is not limited to tasks for which you are being paid. Connections to or from corporate networks, connections to or from recognized server operating systems, and providing support to customers and colleagues all fall under commercial use.

If your home server is running a recognized Windows server operating system, that connection is considered commercial use.

A license is required. Cost-effective single user licenses are available, including our new Remote Access plan.

Click here to compare subscription plans and see available features.

Usage on behalf of a dues-paying club or nonprofit organization is considered commercial use. However, TeamViewer is proud to support the nonprofit community. Please contact us to apply for our nonprofit discount.

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