Specialist using augmented reality

Bring your workforce into the next dimension

Deployable on HoloLens, smartphones, or tablets, Frontline’s augmented and mixed reality capabilities create an immersive experience that helps workers in industrial workplaces complete tasks in more intuitive — and effective — ways.

What is Frontline Spatial?

Frontline Spatial adds 3D augmented reality capabilities to the Frontline platform and its solutions. Simply create 3D augmented reality workflows with the Frontline Spatial editor — with no programming knowledge needed. Display them in Frontline Spatial Workplace, on mobile devices, or HoloLens to create an immersive work environment for your frontline workforce — all within our industrial AR solution platform Frontline

How can your workplace benefit from Frontline’s 3D capabilities?

  • Improved employee engagement

    An immersive, leading-edge experience coupled with easy-to-understand and contextual instructions makes work more intuitive — and engaging.

  • Enhanced productivity

    With digital information, 3D elements, and multimedia content provided right where it’s needed, workers can carry out tasks more efficiently.

  • Improved knowledge transfer

    Collaboration, knowledge transfer, training and onboarding are simplified and enhanced with step-by-step instructions placed spatially where the information is required.

Training and onboarding

From analogue to immersive: Augmented reality makes training interactive

  • Guide team members through demanding processes in assembly, maintenance, or quality inspection
  • Collaborative group sessions for knowledge transfer
  • Quiz functionalities with instant feedback

Public beta: Frontline Spatial Capture

Create your own 3D models with just a few clicks

A lot of legacy equipment doesn’t have a 3D model available, making it very difficult, or at least very costly, to use it in an AR environment. With Frontline Spatial Capture, you’ll find an iOS-exclusive app that extends the Frontline platform by enabling users to create 3D models with just a few clicks. Capture knowledge and use it effectively by integrating 3D models into TeamViewer Frontline solutions.

Quality management

Quality assurance processes are complex but crucial — Frontline simplifies them

  • Simplify final checks and guarantee the highest outcomes with the help of augmented reality
  • Easy-to-understand contextual instructions
  • Intuitive interactions with multimedia content

Product expertise

Upskill your workforce on complex machinery, devices, or technical instruments

  • Experience products interactively with holograms, additional information, or videos
  • Add spatial instructions to objects for visual process guidance or let employees interact and modify 3D models of a product

Advantages for your industry

By transforming previously static processes such as onboarding, training, and upskilling into immersive, realistic, and self-paced experiences, Frontline Spatial can add value in any industry, including:


Introduce high quality training for highest quality output, e.g. in automotive and aerospace.

Transportation and logistics

Digitalize training and upskill your employees while keeping all processes running.

MedTech and pharma

Efficiently train your workforce to carry out highly sensitive and safety-critical tasks.

Transforming analogue instructions into immersive experiences

  • Intuitive control: Create your own workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionalities
  • No programming skills needed: Use existing components without any coding
  • Flexible data handling: No need to upload CAD data to the cloud
  • Scripting functionality: Import XML or CSV data for easier content creation
  • Easy individualization: Adjust UIs with a few clicks or integrate external UIs
  • Instant deployment: Transfer your created content and workflows to all your devices

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